Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Secret Life of Bees by: Sue Monk Kidd

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. First, I am always delighted when I read a book that introduces new thoughts in a way that makes me say, "Hmmm...I never would have thought of it that way." Sue Monk Kidd seems to do this over and over again in The Secret Life of Bees. Set in the 1960's of the rural South, Lily Owen is running away from a past full of secrets, guilt and pain. As she attempts to leave her personal demons behind, she befriends a family of "angels" headed by August Boatright, local beekeeper. Through her struggles with civil rights, adolescent love, and personal tragedy, Lily learns many important life lessons. I would highly recommend this book for an easy, yet stimulating read. Rumor has it a movie is in the works (yay)! I can't wait to pick up Sue Monk Kidd's next novel, The Mermaid Chair, as I hear it is even better!

Overall rating out of 5 stars:
4.5 (only because it would have to be a PHENOMENALLY great book to be perfect!


  1. Um...where's the review? I think 5 stars is great. I can't wait to read what you thought of Secret Life of Bees. Are you going to read The Mermaid Chair? I'll post my review of Three Junes soon.

    And I really want to see new house pictures!

  2. I really like Secret Life of Bees too, but I LOVED Mermaid Chair! I don't think it's because that's what I've read most recently, but maybe.

  3. i love ya'lls reviews. makes it easy for me to find books!

  4. And what about pics of the house.... update us!!!! I can't really complain since there are no new pics of our remodel. But I know friends and family are looking to see your place. Can hardly wait to see you this week. Mom


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