Friday, August 11, 2006

Tutoring a New Blogger!

Today I have come full circle. I once was the student and now am the tutor. I am sitting at 11:22 PM...I know it is hard to believe for this 9:00 o'clocker, but I really am teaching a short course on blogging to my new friend, Paige in Childress. So, this post is actually a "sample"...sorry to get your hopes up for anything interesting; a new recipe, a book review, pictures of the house or exciting news from Childress. I promise to have more up soon when our "fast" computer is working again. Ciao, friends!


  1. Finally - I was getting worried that maybe you had gotten lost during the move!

    I can't wait to hear about getting settled in Childress and see pictures of your house.

  2. how nice of you to help out your friend.

    --RC of

  3. Thanks for getting me all hooked up with blogging!! So fun. I am coming over for another tutorial soon. Let's get together this weekend to discuss the first of school! - Franny


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