Friday, September 15, 2006

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine

Okay, so I'm not going to see the world, or even flying across US borders for that matter. I am, however, taking two trips in the next two months that I am really looking forward to. Here's what's to come on my traveler's "To Do" list.

#1: October 12th-15th...WE'RE HEADED TO AGGIELAND...WHOOP! I am so excited about this trip. There are many reasons, including this, this, and especially this. We are going to the Missouri vs. A&M game with Ronnie, Dawn and Drew. I just bought our tickets (North End Zone seats...same as always and we LOVE 'em) to the game so the reality is sinking in. I know for those of you who still get to experience bigger cities with all their perks, think I'm getting a little overexcited about it, but you have NO idea how much I miss those things I lived with everyday when I was a College Station resident. PLUS, I am going to swing by Jane Long on Friday to visit my old friends and I'm really excited about that! Oh, and it happens to be our 4th anniversary (10/12), so a road trip out of town, will be a perfect way to celebrate that, as well!

#2: November 10th-13th...I'M HEADED TO WASHINGTON STATE...YAY!!

Will is deploying the end of October to beginning of November and my poor sister Amy, will be all by her lonesome on her birthday! I couldn't have that! So, after talking to her on the phone the other night and mentioning the possibility, I bit the bullet and bought myself a ticket to visit her. I will fly out of Amarillo into Portland, Oregon where Amy and I will eat dinner and then hang out the rest of the weekend. I hope Rich isn't too disappointed he isn't going, but this is the perfect chance for a girls' weekend! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I can't wait to see Washington, see their house, see Amy and just get away from everything. I love traveling with Richard, but I also really enjoy traveling alone. So, this should be a great adventure to look forward to for the next couple of months.

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.~Hilaire Belloc


  1. that's a pretty cool quote.

  2. Good for you- I too love to travel! Football games are always at the top of my list. So happy you will be spending some time with Amy too. I miss you girls! Have a great fall with all your travels!

  3. We will be home that weekend!!! Our door is always open (to Richard's brother and family too!) so just let us know when you can squeeze us into your busy weekend!

    I was just telling Curtis that it would be really fun to fo to the Northwesst. I'm glad that you get to go see Amy for her birthday. Plu, I hear there are just a few coffee shops there. :-)

  4. I'll be at A&M/Missouri as well! Let's dunk our rings at the chicken ;)

  5. i wish i could come down to aggieland, too! however, i can't wait for november!!!

  6. You know that Dad and I are planning to be in College Station the same weekend for the annual Spider D reunion. And, as usual, we will opt to keep KD company at the motel watching the game. Our reservations are at the Howard Johnson Express. (The Days Inn is just too ratty now). Tell Dawn we would love to have Drew if his grandma/grandpa in Giddings aren't going to keep him. I am sure they would like to take him to the game, but if he gets to be too much, we would love to come get him. Travel is fun- Mom

  7. it's me logan for highschool i just wanted to see ur blog spot it's real cool ur dog is so well see you tommrow and just to let you know dot ware and texas a&m clothes you will get looked at

  8. Hey there! I am trying this out for the first time and I am slowly learning the ways of blogging! It was sooooo awesome to see you the other day. I miss you guys so much. It just isn't the same. Anyway...I am off to figuring out how to add you to my list of friends. Please keep in touch! Love you, stacie


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