Sunday, September 17, 2006

Random, Good Things to Know on Sunday

  • I woke up this morning to what I consider the perfect weather! After a beautifully clear sky last night full of stars, the temperature has dropped to between 60 and 65 and the sun is shining brightly! The windows are opened and the AC is off...I hope it can stay that way for a while! There's just something about that first sign of Fall that makes you feel good.
  • Go to to order some very sweet stationery for a good cause. It was created by two sisters, one a breast cancer survivor!
  • Another worthy cause...go to to support teachers by purchasing a snazy t-shirt designed by Jones New York. 100% of the profits from the t-shirt sales will be donated to Jones New York In the Classroom, supporting teachers and children's education.
  • Here is a list of things you should know about yourself (as seen in Real Simple's October issue):

-three ways to beat a bad mood (because chocolate isn't always available)

-never-fail lip color (so you can feel fabulous in a flash)

-your personality type (go here)

-your greatest strengths and weaknesses

-how to give good directions to your home

-what time you were born (to thank your mother at the exact moment)

-your mate's shirt and pant size (not "he's about your size)

-the names of the types trees in your yard (so you can tell visitors who ask)

-your mother-in-law's favorite flower (you know why)

  • My bad habit: FIDGETING (especially moving my feet or legs incessantly).

The reason: Excess energy, probably from a surge in adrenaline caused by too much caffeine intake, sugar and not enough exercise.

The cure (as seen in Real Simple's October issue): Cut back on caffeine, get plenty of exercise and sleep (I just joined the new gym, so hopefully it will help). Try converting the movement of your hands and legs into some sort of exercise. For me this would be like putting my feet flat on the floor and then pushing down until the urge to move them is gone.

  • I made a 15-bean soup about a week and a half ago that was wonderful for 3 reasons:

- It had a great flavor. This is a mix of beans, ham (or whatever type of meat you want to use), broth and seasoning. The beans and seasoning come in a bag from the grocery store in the beans aisle.

- It lasted us almost 2 weeks, and was a great mid-meal snack, or with a couple of garlic-cheese toast slices, a great meal in itself. And it keeps easily in the refrigerator or freezer!

- Last, but certainly not least on my list, it was SUPER EASY! It does take a while, especially if you let the beans soak the old-fashioned way (which I did), but if you plan ahead for your intended meal, this makes a great Fall palate pleaser! (Oh, and it's easy on the pocket book, as well)!

  • I WILL stand proud and give a loud and proud WHOOP for my Ags who pulled out a win against Army last night. In the traditional battle of the Corps teams, the Ags were predicted to not only win, but "beat the tar out of" Army. However, whether Army was underestimated, or the Aggies just didn't show up is neither here nor there for me. Last night was a game that personified what true football is all about...the fans are on the edge of their seats (or out of them as was the case for me), sportsmanship is carried throughout the game (for the most part), the final 2 minutes are make or break and after it is all said and done, you are left with an adrenaline rush no double espresso could match, lasting for a full hour after the game is over! Oh, and your team has come up with the victory (at least points-wise). Gig 'em and you know what they say, "It's all uphill from here."


  1. You are too cute! Thanks for the sweet comments on my page! I miss you too, and love reading your blog! So glad you and Amy got me to do this! It is so fun!

  2. your Sunday was cool and crisp. ours was damp and wonderful. almost 2 inches Saturday night and another couple of tenths on Sunday evening..... what a wonderful smell. On our way home from Youth Connection, we saw an interesting rainbow silhouetted against a dark blue backdrop.... really unusual. The Real Simple October edition really was great. Did you see where you can go to for a free kitchen reorganizing... From Sept 25- Nov 19. Wouldn't that be fun. I'm entering on Monday evening!!!!


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