Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Richard!

Today is my sweet, sweet husband's birthday! Any guesses at his age? Some of you know he is a few years older than me (about 8)...okay, I'll tell you! He's THIRTY-FIVE today! To commemorate this event, we took a day trip to Amarillo yesterday and shopped, dined, and watched Charlotte's Web (which was fantastic, by the way)! We had a good time just spending time together. Tonight we are headed to his parents for a T-bone dinner and birthday cake...yay! To honor my beloved, I wanted to share some possibly little-known facts about him. So, without further ado...

-He was born in Memphis (Texas, that is) on December 18, 1971.

-He was named Richard Zeldon Jenkins. He is a 3rd generation Zeldon (yes, I know what that means).

-He walked at 7-8 months old!

-He is now 6 feet 4 inches tall.

-He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to play golf...lives it, breathes it, eats it up!

-Two things I couldn't resist when I first met him: he plays guitar and sings exceptionally well (although he's shy about the singing), and he knew scripture and his Bible better than any man I'd ever known.

-He loves my parents, my brother, and my friends and that makes me so happy!

-He's an Aggie, twice!

-After his first degree, he was a turkey, huh? He worked outside of Aquilla (near Waco) as the manager of a turkey farm!

-He loves German Chocolate cake and French Coconut Pie, but his favorite is a cookie...pretty much any kind!

-He is a professional engineer.

-He's a bit of a cowboy (very cute one, too)!

-He is extremely handy and has pretty much single-handedly remodeled our houses (with some help from friends, and family).

-He LOVES to vacuum...I'm serious! When he was a baby, he was very cholicky (sp?), and the only way he would go to sleep was to put him in his crib and leave the vacuum on underneath it! I think this has something to do with his amorous feelings towards it now!

-I cook, he washes dishes...every night! I'm so blessed!

-He loves to hunt and camp.

-He is one of the most sensitive men I've ever met.

-He is caring, compassionate, fair, kind-hearted, hardworking, devoted, and I love him more every year I know him!



  1. Awww! Happy birthday, Richard! Charla is very lucky to have such a fabulous husband (and you're even luckier to have such a great girl!!!).

    All the way to Amarillo for dinner though? We're headed that way tomorrow night to spend Christmas with the Turleys!

  2. I vaguely remember you mentioning Ryan's family in Amarillo! If you guys are ever in the area and have time, we would love to see you! We are only an hour and a half from Amarillo proper!

    Oh, and thanks for the sweet sentiments...I am definitely blessed beyond words!

  3. Happy birthday Richard!

    Charla, you are so sweet!

    A turkey farmer? Interesting....


  4. Ricardo,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Maybe Charla will get you some flowers! He he!
    Hope your day is great and that Charla and the girls make you feel loved!

  5. Happy Birthday Uncle Sich! Out to eat and a steak dinner - gifts only get better with age. Wish we could have spent the day with ya...Drew would have offered his favorite dish (peanut butter crackers)! Love you both- see ya Saturday!
    Ronnie and Dawn

  6. The man's a stud!!
    Happy BDay Richard!

  7. Hey! Happy birthday to Richard!!! :-) I am proud to announce that I am an offical blogger...for real this time. I actually had the time to sit down and figure a lot of it out and I am having so much fun learning. So please change my link to
    Your the best! Stacie


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