Monday, December 11, 2006

"Um, Rich, I Did Something Really Bad..."

No, I did not wreck the Expedition, nor did I forget to pay the mortgage, but what happened made me feel like I had done both! Here's how it all went down:

Richard was sick in bed, recuperating from a bout with what we think might have been food poisoning. He didn't wake up until about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. So, life must go on and I continue washing clothes and carrying on with wifely, Saturday afternoon duties.

--10:30 a.m.I quietly open the bedroom door and hurriedly scoop up some dirty clothes from the floor and the hamper.

--10:40 a.m. I throw a load of blue jeans and other blue things in the wash and get her going!

--Meanwhile, I am waking Richard up every hour to give him meds and hydration, wrapping Christmas presents, working on our Christmas card, sweeping and mopping the tile and I forget about the clothes.

--2:00 p.m. Richard has finally risen from the dead and I remember the clothes!
--2:05 p.m. I put the blue stuff in the dryer, add more clothes to the washer and start both!
--2:06 p.m. Strange noise is coming from the dryer, so I stop it, and sift through, but find nothing unusual so I close the door and start it again!

--2:09 p.m. Strange "thud" noise is still coming from the this time, I take out all of the clothes and start feeling around the pockets.

--2:10 p.m. In the pocket of one of Richard's pair of jeans I find his cell phone...his brand new Motorola RAZR had been through the wash cycle and then dried for at least 5 minutes!

--2:15 p.m. I walk into the bedroom, dragging my feet and carrying his phone and utter the words, "Rich, I did something really bad..." His first question was, "Did you break a tile?"...meaning on our new floor we just layed! Then he asked, "Is it the dogs, the car, did you break my trim work in the living room?" No, no, and no! Finally, I tell him what happened with tears in my eyes and he says, "It's okay, we have insurance!" Whew, what a relief!
--2:25 p.m. I decide to double check the insurance idea and find on our statement we only have MY phone insured...double WHAMMY!

So, through the rest of the day, Richard proceeds to take his phone apart, use my phone to charge his battery, let the phone dry out, and VOILA...


And there's my plug for Motorola RAZR's.

(I didn't tell him this, and he never looks at this so it won't matter, but one of the reasons I was so upset is I bought him a really nice leather cell-phone clip hip holder for his birthday, Monday 12/18! I was thinking it was going to be sad to have him open it and not be able to put his phone in it and use it!)


  1. Richardo needs to be sure to empty his pockets before he puts clothes in the dirty clothes pile! So this really isn't your fault (sorry, Rich!)
    I'm glad he got it working agian, though, and I'm glad he's feeling better!
    P.S. I was SO happy to see a new post! I was wondering if you were having bloggers-block!

  2. Oh, I have so much to blog about just haven't found a moment to do it! Also, his pants weren't actually in the dirty clothes hamper, they were just in a pile on the floor. He should have taken his phone out, but he was sick when he undressed, so I can't blame it on him...he was focused on getting into bed!

  3. Hey Charla! :)

    How are you?! I can't believe it's December already and 1/2 way through my first year teaching. I saw Taylor Coker at a 6 Traits writing conference, and she said you blogged, so I thought I'd look you up. Sounds like Childress is going well. That's awesome.

    I've wanted to hunt down your email and write you for awhile now, but to be honest, I'm just really great at procrastination. :)

    -Amanda Robinson


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