Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Update on Us

It has been entirely TOO long since I last posted, I know! So, I thought I would combine all information I would like to update you on, and post it in one fell swoop.

Life with the Jenkins the last few weeks has been QUITE eventful! On Friday, December 22nd, we got a call from my sister-in-law who was 8-9 months pregnant. She was being admitted to the hospital in Lubbock with preclamsia and needed Rich and me to come keep Drew while Ronnie stayed with her. We were eager and glad to help, so we got our stuff together and hurriedly headed to Levelland. We were having Christmas at Ronnie and Dawn's anyway, so going one day extra wasn't a big deal, especially to spend time with our favorite nephew (well, he was at the on to see what I mean). So, we get to Levelland, and settle into our duty as Uncle Sich and Lala. This is when all the craziness starts...Dawn's urine tests came back abnormally high for protein, so the doctor gave the sad news that she would have to stay in the hospital until the baby came, which was now going to probably be January 5th. She was able to come home a few hours on Christmas Eve, but when she got back to the hospital the baby was in distress and so was Dawn. Anyway, we ended up staying in Levelland for five exciting and exhausting days, but we LOVED every second of it! We kept Drew at the house while Ronnie stayed with Dawn in the hospital. The doctor kept going back and forth on her delivery date because she had to have an amniocintesis to determine whether the baby's lungs were ready or not. The first one determined he was NOT ready, so more waiting! Meanwhile, we have Christmas dinner at Ronnie and Dawn's without Dawn...we missed her so much! However, we took some presents to her and some food along with some Christmas decorations from her house to help her feel more at home and in the holiday mood!

So, we left Wednesday the 27th to go to my parents and then had "Christmas" with them on the 28th...a nice lunch with my Grandma, opening presents and drinking Mimosas.

We were invited to go up to Concan for New Year's Eve with some of our Uvalde friends and had a great time. We decided not to stay the night, however because we planned on leaving the 1st since I had to work on the 2nd. Well, I woke up on New Year's day to a horrible stomach ache....I ate lunch, but then went to bed before we left. All of our things were already packed, but I couldn't stand the thought of getting in the car feeling sick to my stomach. So, after contemplation and sending some emails, we decided it wise to stay the night at mom and dad's and then head out early in the a.m.

On our way home, my stomach killed me. We stopped 5 or 6 times and I seriosly thought I might have to pull over and just sit on the side of the road until it subsided. Oh, and by this time Rich is sick with a terrible cold, as well. We make it home about 1:00 and I go straight to bed. Well, during the afternoon I start feeling better and I am so relieved...I called and cancelled my doctor's appointment. I should have gone.

2:00 a.m. this morning I wake up with terrible pains in my stomach, AGAIN! I tried bath, meds, making myself sick...nothing worked. SO, I didn't sleep again until 4:30 this morning and when the alarm went off at 6:30, I woke up and got dressed and dragged myself to work...torturous! Thank the good Lord for Tylenol, because it has seriously saved my life!

We are back home and glad to be here, but my break went by so quickly! the story is not over, however.

Yesterday, Dawn called and said her last amnio came back as well as the baby's lung test and all was WELL! So, she was wheeled into the OR yesterday afternoon and we now have a new NEPHEW! This is why I said Drew WAS our favorite...I can't say that anymore because we have more than one! The baby was named Cade Devoy (Ronnie's middle name) Jenkins and weighed around 8.5 pounds. I haven't talked to anyone to get more info, but I'm sure I will be posting pics soon! We are headed there Friday to see the new addition (if we are well enough)!


  1. oh my gosh! i am sweating just reading your email! what ended up being wrong with your tummy? it sounds like gallbladder or appendix. are you going to go to the dr.?

  2. Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins (Rich's parents) were VERY clever when coming up with middle names for their sons! That is cool that Ronnie & Dawn are carrying it on as I assume you and Rich will! Can't wait to see pictures of the new nephew! And BTW, my Gran Gran always tells me I'm her favorite OLDEST grand daughter. You can tell Drew he's your favorite OLDEST nephew!
    Keep me posted on your stomach pains! Do I have to treat you like Ryan and FORCE you to go to a doctor? :)

  3. Nicki and Cor,

    I have a dr's appt but the earliest they could see me is 3:45 tomorrow afternoon. I came home from school today (my wonderful aide volunteered to take my last two classes for me) and when I got here I started uncontrollably shaking all over with chills. The crazy part is, I don't think I had fever...strange huh? Anyway, Richard wrapped me up in 3 blankets and made me a mug of hot tea. After about 20 minutes of the shakes, it subsided and I fell asleep. When I woke up I was BURNING up! You should have seen me stripping off those blankets, my jacket, my pants...crazy woman I was! I went back to sleep for about an hour and just woke up feeling better. I am going to take a hot bath and then climb in bed again! Thanks for your well wishes! Oh, Corrie, that is a great idea...Drew will now be our favorite oldest nephew. My dad always says I'm his favorite daughter...actually he says it like this..."Oh, Charliebelle...she's my favorite little tiny girl." He's silly!

  4. What an exciting break you guys had! My first thought when I read about the stomach trouble - Charla's having a baby too! But with all your other troubles, I think I have the wrong diagnosis. I hope that you can get some more rest tonight - let us know what the doctor says tomorrow.

  5. sounds like appendix! i sure hope you are home relaxing and taking it easy. dr.'s orders.
    nicki, MD


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