Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In Need of Prayer

In my previous post, I mentioned my sister-in-law and our new nephew, Cade. They are both in need of your prayers tonight! I have witnessed the power of this blogging network and prayer, so I thought I would use this to help Dawn and Cade.

Dawn had a c-section and is in severe pain in her recuperation. With her last c-section, they gave her some medication she was highly allergic made her face swell and she itched really badly all over. Somehow, the communication system broke down in this area and she was given the same stuff again. She is just miserable right now. She is also mentally drained and very worried about Cade. The baby's lungs tested to be further developed than they actually were, but when they took him they realized he must not have been as far along as they thought. So he was moved into the NICU today so he can get help with his breathing. He's having to labor for breaths right now. Both Dawn and Cade are not in life-threatening circumstances at the moment, but both can surely use prayers for healing and comfort.

Specifically, pray that:

  • Dawn allows God to take control of the situation and is reminded of his mercy and love and that HE is her healer!
  • Pray that she gets rest and is able to go home before Saturday and heals with no complications.
  • Also, pray that baby Cade's little lungs get the nourishment they need and that he is soon out of the NICU, breathing on his own.
  • Pray for Ronnie, Dawn's husband, that he will have strength for Dawn and that he will also be able to rest in the hospital with her.
  • Pray for the nurses and doctors who are working with Dawn and Cade. Pray that they will be able to communicate with one another what is best for both of them and that the Lord will guide their decisions as they make them.

Thank you! I will update more as I hear it!


  1. I'll continue to pray for Dawn and Cade today. Keep us updated!

  2. keep us posted! they will be fine!
    how about you? did they find out about your pain?

  3. N,
    going today at still hasn't subsided, so I am at home today. Dumb move to try and work yesterday. I'll let you know when I find out.

  4. please do! i am really worried~

  5. Dawn, Ronnie & Cade will be in all of my prayers. You goodness you have had a rough time. Love ya, stacie


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