Friday, January 05, 2007


We just spoke with Ronnie and Dawn and the baby is doing really well. He is finally latching on and suckling, so they are hoping to be out of the hospital by 12:00 tomorrow afternoon. I do need to correct something I posted about him earlier...I thought they were spelling his name
C-A-D-E, but they have spelled it K-A-D-E. Oops...that's what I get for publishing before double-checking.

I am doing okay. Today I had the highest fever so far...103 and I was terribly miserable. It finally broke and I feel like I'm going through menopause, or so I imagine. I had the fan turned up so high, even Rich was cold...yes, the man I so lovingly refer to as "the oven" had to grab a blanket, while I'm fanning myself and wiping sweat from my body! Crazy how these things run. All is normal with the illness, though, so no worries.


  1. So glad you're on the mend...Funny you said that about the spelling of his name - when I told Alicia the name she said they liked it too, but she was already thinking it was Kade with a K.

    Glad you stayed home to rest. If you're still hot, come on up's freezing. Miserably freezing.

  2. glad dawn and the baby are doing good.

    you get better!!!


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