Friday, January 05, 2007

Another update...

If you're wondering how I have the energy to come and update every once in a while, here's my secret. I wait until my fever breaks again and then run in here to do it really quickly before it starts again. Same thing with eating...only during non-fever moments!

I decided not to go to work this morning...good idea! I checked my temp about 30 minutes ago as I felt that feverish feeling had come back...sure enough 101.6...YIKES! In the middle of the feverish state my mom and dad call me and she makes me promise to call the doctor and make sure that is supposed to still be happening even after I have started meds. My response was, "I've only taken 2 pills, Mom, calm down," but I promised to call, so I will do that later. Right now, I'm going to enjoy my non-fever time by eating a Lean Cuisine, going outside to grab the mail, and playing with the schnauzer girls (I've watched enough t.v. to make me SICK)!

Thanks for all the sweet comments by the way! They are MUCH appreciated and keep me looking forward to checking the computer every few hours!

Oh, Audrey...First, the time on my blogger is not accurate...its about 2 hours off. I woke up that early, however, to call in sick to work. So, I thought while I was up and my fever was broken, I would get on the computer. AND...thanks for the movie suggestions. I think I will call Rich and have him pick something up on his way home from work (yes, one of us actually "clocked in" today)! NOW...the only thing I need is for one of you to come to Childress and clean my house...any takers?


  1. Don't stress about the house, dude! You just focus on getting better, okay? If we both still lived in B/CS, I'd for sure offer to come over and clean up if it would make you feel better! Please, please take care of yourself. Let your body recover! Much love to you!

  2. Sweet friend, thanks! I am on the last few minutes of my completely fever-free time, so I must keep it short. Smooches!


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