Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our the entire post!

Today is Maggie Louise's 3rd birthday! We are so thankful for her and that we were blessed to have found her in Franklin, Texas in a trailer house. I think I will follow suit and tell you a little about our baby schnauzer precious one:

-She was born in a trailer in Franklin, Texas.
-She was a birthday present from her daddy to me.
-She is a salt and pepper miniature schnauzer.
-When she was a puppy, she ruined some of our furniture with her voracious chewing, but we love her anyway!
-When she was a puppy, her aunt Corrie had to remind us "Her didn't mean it, Mommy and Daddy," because she was always into mischief!
-She has lived in Franklin, College Station, and now Childress.
-She loves chasing birds and squirrels and has managed to catch at least a few birds.
-She loves her sister, Marlee Jane.
-She is very smart...she knows how to sit, lay down, sit pretty, and tell us when she needs to go potty.
-Her best friend, other than her new sister, is Grace Ellen Searight whom she misses tons!
-She's one of a kind and very loved.

But wait, I'm not quite through telling you about my baby. No, I don't mean Maggie or Marlee. I'm talking about our REAL baby! Yes, you read correctly blogging friends! Richard and I are expecting! Yay! As some of you know, we've been trying for a little while now, so this was very exciting, yet still shocking, news! We found out Sunday and are absolutely thrilled! I went to the doctor yesterday and my official due date is October 14th. I am a little over 6 weeks along and things are going well! Please keep all three of us in your prayers as this first trimester is a bit unsettling, especially the time before our first ultrasound/sonogram. Here are the first pictures we've taken!

The most nerve-wrecking time of my entire life, and then the most joyous moment!

We are calling the baby Sprout (short for bean sprout, which Rich thought up)!

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, Charla, and your plans will succeed."
Proverbs 16:3

This scripture was really on my heart while we were trying to conceive. I think about it now, and just am amazed and awed at God's perfect timing and the work he has started inside of ME! Am I worthy of such a blessing...absolutely not! Will I praise Him for his gift...absolutely so!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! We are so thrilled for you ALL! You have our thoughts and prayers during this exciting, yet anxious time.

    Good job documenting everything! I can't wait to see little sprout grow, and in turn watch YOU grow!

    This baby is so blessed!

  2. CONGRATS!!!
    OMG I am SO VERY Happy and Excited for you guys!! Keep us posted!!

  3. Charla, how exciting! We will be praying for you, Richard, and little Sprout.

  4. Another little Aggie! Yay! How fun that I'm getting another little niece/nephew! And Maggie and Marlee will have a new sister/brother! I'm glad you are letting us ALL be a part of this adventure!
    Much love to you, Rich, M, m and Sprout from Aunt Corrie!

  5. how wonderful! charla, call me if you have ANY questions...this is all fresh on my mind! I will be praying, praying, praying for you during these first fun, yet, somehow a little nerve-racking weeks go by! you are going to be great! enjoy that skinny mini pic--it is soon to be gone! ;) soooo worth it!

  6. congrats!!! yes, isn't God's timing truly amazing! VERY happy for you and your new little baby!

  7. Okay, I read this first thing this morning before work, but I didn't have time to comment...

    You know how excited/proud we are, and we promise to be the very best aunt and uncle little Sprout could ever hope for, despite the miles and miles between us!

    Aunt Amy and Uncle Will

  8. Congratulations! How exciting:)

  9. Yea, Charla! I'm so excited for you and for Richard. It's so fun that we'll all get to experience these miracles at just about the same time!

  10. Congrats! This is so exciting. Baby Cash is really happy for his new friend Sprout.

  11. Congrats!! I think he shall be called Tiger Woods Jenkins!


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