Monday, February 12, 2007

A Pictorial Update

So, I realized I hadn't posted many pictures lately of important and significant events in our life. So, here are a few to get you all caught up on our goings on!

This is November and our first big snow! It is hard to see, but that is me holding Maggie and Marlee in the snow flurries!

Our first full-sized Christmas tree! We "inherited" this one from Rich's grandparents. They down-sized and we needed a bigger one for the new house! So fun!

It's prelit, but next year I am going to switch out the bulbs for white ones.

The Christmas mantle! We were given our personalized stockings for our wedding and they were one of my favorite gifts!

I have started making one purchase per year towards my Christmas decorations. The Willowtree Nativity set we got as a wedding gift also but this year I added the 3 wise men. Last year I bought the creche.

The entertainment center a-la decor...

My piano with lights and crystal...I have since discovered more I plan to use next year (crystal that is)!

I bought this tree for the outside of the house (notice the Aggie maroon paraphernalia), but it is lacking a tree skirt, so I used a somewhat ugly green towel.

Ta-da! This is my new hutch. Before Rich left again for Austin, he put it together for me and I spent last night filling it with all of my pretties! I LOVE it and it looks so good in our house!

The buffet...

Another shot of the buffet and hutch...

Once again...

Finally, the only picture I took of my entire week in Austin last week at the TCEA conference and it was of Donna in our hotel room. Don't ask about the mask...funny story, though!


  1. I vote for more pictoral posts! This one made me smile several times...oh wait! I think I smiled the ENTIRE time! So good to see the cute way you decorated for Christmas AND to see your new hutch & buffet with all of your fun stuff in it! I can't wait to see it all in person!!
    Much love to you CDJ!

  2. Cute! Cute! Cute! I really like your hutch! And I do the whole buy one new Christmas decoration each year too. And Ryan and I each pick out one new ornament for our tree.

  3. Love all of your Christmas decorations. Aren't pre-lit trees wonderful? We love ours!

  4. Charla the hutch is beautiful...can't wait to see it in person!

  5. Good to hang out with your husband!!
    Had a blast!!

  6. the house looks great and i love your new hutch!!

  7. The hutch and buffet really do look great. Isn't it amazing how you can go into a store thinking you have the perfect item picked out and come out 2 hours later with what really was the perfect piece????? I can hardly wait to see it in person. When will that be...... Love you- Mom

  8. Hey, I like the hutch and all the pictures. Guess everyone loves pictures! Did the workshop ever make that you were coming to Amarillo for? If not, I'm thinking it might be too late. That terrible TAKS is taking place this coming week! AARGH! Get rid of the thing somebody! Too much stress for teachers, students, and families! dp

  9. DP-

    Nope, it never kept it from happening three times! ARGGHH!!! Yes, hopefully getting rid of the darn thing is in the works, but I'm not sure how different it will really be, regardless~


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