Monday, May 21, 2007

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about gardening this weekend. Here are the pictures from all of my work.

I potted some plants this weekend. I especially like the big one with all the color! It's amazing how much fo a difference a splash of color makes to make the house more inviting!

Close up of the big potted mix.

There has been a big, blank space of dirt in front of the house, so I planted some Vinca vine. Hopefully, it will have spread by about mid-summer and by next Spring will be thick. I went ahead and added another 1/4 pie section on the other side of the sidewalk to balance it out. Can you see how pinkish-red the sidewalk is? Our house is only about 8 miles from one of the crossings of the Red River and the dirt in this area is completely RED!

Here are all three pots, and the 1/4 pie section.


  1. I LOVE the potato vine! I need to get some of that! Everything looks lovely!! Can't wait to see it all blossom and grow!

  2. Hey Charla-yes it's me again, being anonymous. I hate to go back and sign in!!! Sorry! Anyway, I had lots of catching up to do! I LOVE the new plants...your hubby scored somepoints...nice...the boobs...will be praying...I wish our good friend F.J.would start blogging again also!! SO, there you have comments in a nutshell! Off to Kate's ballgame!

  3. Oh, sorry! Forgot to sign my name!! It's me, AMY HORTON! Do you know more than one Amy? It feels kinda weird to sign my last name with a friend!

  4. I have my sister-in-law named Amy but hers will always show up as Amy and Will. SO, no worries...when you said Kate's ballgame though, I knew who it was! Thanks for commenting and especially thanks for the prayers!

  5. Good work, sick girl! I can't believe you accomplished all of that while not feeling well - I'm impressed.

    And your flowers look beautiful!


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