Monday, May 21, 2007


I just watched the final episode of The Bachelor, which Rich and I have been addicted to this season. I have never really watched an entire season as a devoted fan, but this one was different. There was something unique and genuine about this Bachelor! Some may say dorky, but I say bring on the nerds any day! So, YIPEEEEEEE, he chose Tessa! She was my pick from Day 1!!! Richard came home late from working at the ranch, and I was already watching, so he's in the bedroom finishing it. I ran in there when it was over, and was teasing him that I already know who was chosen! I thought Bevin was okay, but Tessa is so sophisticated, and sticks to her convictions about things. Plus, she's a social worker with kids, so who can't love that!?


BTW-Isn't she beautiful? I love her classic look.


  1. I liked Tessa too! My favorite was Danielle who left the last episode b/c she was the only one who seemed to have any type of faith. I loved Andy...what a guy. I can't wait till the "After the Rose" episode tomorrow...I hope they work out b/c I am totally invested. Loved the flowers in your yard...Dawn

  2. Amber was my favorite - from Sugar Land, TEXAS! But of Bevin and Tessa, I was hoping he'd pick Tessa! I, too, hope they really do work out, they both seem like such great people!

  3. Ryan and I can't believe that Rich watched the Bachelor with you. Did you have to bribe him?

    This was the first season in many that I haven't watched.


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