Friday, June 01, 2007

Maggie update and other stuff

Maggie update...
First, thanks so much for all of your sweet comments and well wishes for Mags. I am happy to report she has shown much improvement even over the last 24 hours. She is not back to herself completely, but I can see she is on the road. Marlee has continued to throw up, so I can't help but wonder if she is having an adverse reaction to the food, as well, OR if she is just not used to the new food because I had to switch it over without getting them slowly weaned off of the old. Anyway, they are both doing okay and I'm thinking will be back to normal in no time.

Other stuff...

  • My highly anticipated trip to Canton was canceled for this weekend. Some things came up with the other women, and so we will reschedule for July, hopefully. I have to be honest and say I was bummed, but hopefully it will work out for sometime this summer.
  • I did a lot of housework felt great! As I was taking out some trash yesterday afternoon, I noticed a big tree in the alley, spilling over from a neighbor's yard. So, naturally my curiosity got the best of me and I wandered over to look at the berries I noticed from afar. Much to my sheer delight, I discovered a MULBERRY tree! Yay! What do you do when you see a tree full of ripe fruit? Why, you pick it, of course (well, unless God tells you not to, but I didn't think He would mind, or the neighbors for that matter). I have very fond memories of picking mulberries from the back of Dad's truck out at my Aunt June's house in Uvalde. I shared my pick with Richard and then went back to get more. When I called Mom to tell her about it, she said, "You remembered to soak them first, right?" I said, "Soak them?" Uh-oh. I knew I was supposed to, but I guess I forgot. So, after I picked the second load, I soaked them in cold water and sure enough the bugs started to float! I guess I got an extra serving of protein yesterday; no harm done. So, we snacked on a few of the mulberries, but I wanted to do something very domestic with them, so I looked up recipes on the internet and ended up making mulberry cobbler. It was an easy recipe, and turned out okay. No matter the taste, it just felt good to make something from berries I didn't buy, but picked practically in my own backyard!
  • I must close with this hilariously TRUE story...some of you have heard it before. One of our aides at school is always cracking everyone up with her stories. She has a ton of brothers and sisters...I think there are like 14 of them total, or something like that. So, last Saturday we all had to be at work for the last day of school (no kiddos, just teachers) and some of us were ready to leave so we were just hanging out in the workroom. This woman, we'll call her "B", works with a special education student as his aide, teaching him life skills, and such. So, she always has funny stories about him or something with her family. Well, B starts in on this story...
    • "Well, let me tell you what I did the other day. Girl, I went to Big Lots and started lookin' through the Clearance know all that stuff they just throw into baskets in the middle of the store? Well, I found me a can of gourmet tuna and thought it looked good. So I took it home and y'all that was the tastiest tuna I ever ate. It was seasoned just perfect. In fact, it was so good, I called my sister and was telling her about it. I says to her, 'Girl, I bought the best tuna fish, and I just ate the can of it. It was called Gourmet Tuna." Her sister then says, "B, I think that's CAT food." So, B goes to the trash can and pulls out the can, and sure enough, she says to her sister, "Girl you're right, it is cat food. Well, it's the best tuna I ever ate." We all are DYING laughing at this point. She continues to say, "Girl, I can't even walk down the cat food aisle at the grocery store any more, and when those cat food commercials come on, I get nauseous and change the channel." OMGosh...we were crying we were laughing so hard. Of course it's always better in person, but I hope I gave you at least a little chuckle. I will never look at "B" again without thinking of that and smiling a bit.
A battle for flavor...but who will win?



  1. omg! i think i just gagged a little! GROSS! hope marlee is feeling better too, poor girl. sorry your trip was cancelled, that's no fun, especially when you've been looking forward to it. and you are just quite the martha stewart with your mulberries! too cute!

  2. CHARLA - It's me FRANCESCA.....I'm back! Two cheers to our new Apples! Love it! Really enjoyed catching up on your blogs and sorry about your puppy troubles. Call's summer maybe we can actually see eachother. We will start our afternoon pool time on Monday! Meet me there.

  3. I was thinking of going to Canton this weekend, too, but didn't have anyone to go with me. You could have driven here and then we could have gone together. If only we had known....

  4. glad she is feeling better!!!!

  5. Oh GROSS! I've always wonder at the grocery store if the people buying cat food are really feeding it to their I'm going to be extra suspicious!


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