Monday, June 04, 2007

When it Rains...

...apparently it hails, too! But only if you happen to be away from home, away from the safety of your lovely garage! Ah, the irony! We live in College Station for the first 3 years of our married life, with 4 different vehicles between us at different times and never a GARAGE! We had numerous threats of hail, and tornadoes and each time we would take our cars to shelter somewhere out of the potential destruction. Only, the destruction never came...until...we are miles from the first garage we have ever had to park our cars in and we get nailed!
We had a great weekend, and are totally worn out, but finally home. Our trip to Levelland started Saturday. Our nephew, Kade, was dedicated Sunday, so we headed West for some family time. We had a good time, but unfortunately our Expedition did not. I do not have pictures to share at the moment, but I will get them soon so you can understand the extent of the damage. Saturday we stayed in a hotel and were HAMMERED by a terrible hail storm that was accompanying some tornadoes in the area. The freaking hail completely ripped our poor car apart! Richard immediately called USAA for the number of someone in Amarillo to look at it and give us an estimate. Are you ready....wait for it, wait for it....$4700 in damages was caused by these stupid pieces of flying ice! Can you believe that? I nearly fell out of my seat when he said that. The guy at Auto Nation said he had taken care of about 20 cases today alone and ours was by far the worst he had seen. The roof and hood are completely destroyed, and there are several deep dents in other parts of the car which will have to be replaced, as well. I was shocked and very thankful that our sunroof didn't break! Richard's parents had BOTH of their vehicles bummer...and the windshield of their Yukon was broken. Anyway, we are contemplating what to do...get it fixed, leave it in its ghetto-fabulous state and drive it until the wheels fall off, or what. Thank the good Lord for insurance and that we were smart enough and able to pay for full-coverage! YAY USAA!

In a previous post I mentioned getting my right boob checked out. As fellow blogger and friend, Audrey T so accurately called it-today was my boob-a-sound at the Comprehensive Breast Center at Harrington Cancer Center in Amarillo. I passed with flying colors and was cleared of any cancerous activity! Whew! I don't think I realized how tense I was about that. When Dr. H came in and was showing me the similarities between my normal tissue and the tissue in question and how that meant things were fine and healthy and normal, tears just started rolling down my cheeks. He stopped and asked if I was okay and I just muttered, "I'm just relieved, that's all." By the way...if you or anyone you know, especially in the area around Amarillo, needs a mammogram or checkup or whatever in regards to their breast health, I would HIGHLY recommend this place! It was absolutely of the best experiences I've ever had with doctors. My appointment was at 11:00 and we were driving out of the parking lot at that just doesn't happen! So, thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes...the boob is healthy!

My nephew, Drew Jenkins, is 2 1/2 years old. Today his mom and dad took him to the doctor because his urine has been cloudy in the mornings. They tested it and found a high level of sugar, so of course they are concerned about him having diabetes. There is no history in the family, so this was surprising. They did blood work today and will have results tomorrow. Please pray for their family, especially for my sister-in-law, Dawn. Specifically pray that he does NOT have diabetes, and that Dawn is able to stay calm and focused no matter the doctor's words. Thanks!

Oh, and YAY for new bloggers (shall we call you, Madame Recruiter, Nicki). I too, have a good friend that has started blogging very recently! Her name is Julia (oh, and Suzanne, you totally KNOW her, and she knows you...she dated your brother, Colin in college when we were at A&M) AND for you campers, her husband is a T BAR M alumni. So, check out her blog.


  1. OUCH-O on the car! I hope y'all have a good deductible!
    Glad to hear all is well with the boob! SO happy that you had a positive experience with that place in Amarillo. The way you feel about a place makes a huge difference!
    Keep us posted about Drew!

  2. Sorry to hear about your car!! What a bummer! Been missing you at the pool. We go around 1:30 usually. Meet us there with your healthy boobs and all.


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