Monday, June 11, 2007


  • My 10-year high school class reunion is in a little less than 2 weeks and I'm so excited about it. I'll admit I wish I was in a little better shape and a bit more tan, but really I'm just ready to get together with people and show off my awesome husband (maybe I'm biased, but I DO think he's a total hunk, and a sweetie to boot). Anyway, the countdown begins and so does the hunt for some great outfits to take with me. You can be sure I will post pictures after the event.
  • I volunteered this last weekend to help with the Greenbelt Bowl festivities. This is a HUGE deal in Childress and the Panhandle area. Basically, it is all about the All-Star football game on Saturday night. Many scouts from area colleges and universities come to the game to look at players as potential students for their school. It has been happening for almost 60 years now!!! Wow! Each of the players may choose one Queen candidate to represent them at the game. There is a full pageant with interviewing, evening dress exhibition (pageant night), style show and brunch, etc...I was asked to be a time-keeper during the interviews and I had a blast...the judges were hilarious and it was kind of cool to be in on their thoughts about each girl. I had two of my students participate in the pageant and one was actually 1st runner-up...Yay, Chlo! I was a model in the Style Show, wearing clothes from the local clothier here in town, Blackburn's. All in all I had a great weekend...worked hard, but had lots of fun! AND, I got a great deal on the clothes I wore in the style show, so you can't beat that!
  • Okay, today I decided I was going to try one of the aerobics classes at the gym we are members of here in town. We are blessed to have a 24-hour workout facility, owned by my principal's wife who happens to be exactly my age. Anyway, the facility is awesome with childcare, tanning and classes. Today I thought I would try my hand at KICKBOXING! OMGosh...I must say it almost kicked MY butt! I had a blast, but Stephanie worked my tooshy off (I guess that's why I went though). The reason I decided to do it is when it comes to working out I don't mind weight lifting, in fact I kind of like it. BUT...I HATE and I mean HATE cardio workouts. The worst part for me is I get so stinkin' bored! Even with my iPod or the t.v. and my headphones I still just can't stand being so unproductive for 20 minutes every other day. So, I thought I would try this out as my cardio workout and I think I'm going to stick with it. She does Pilates, Kickboxing, Boot Camp, Hi/Lo, PACE (which is an extreme version of the Circuit training like at Curves), and Step. So, I will be able to have the variety I need to keep me intersted and be with other women who will keep me from slacking off as I like to do by myself. Pray that my muscles don't just say "forget it."
  • We have finally made our Branson trip plans. We leave June 29th and will come back on the 4th of July. We are going with Rich's parents and his grandmother. His parents just bought a timeshare there.
  • I'm headed to Wichita Falls for ANOTHER periodontist's appointment! I'm just praying for good news this time and for a doctor with a better bedside manner than the previous one. I'm going to leave in the morning so I can go shopping! I love shopping alone, so I'm looking forward to it.
  • Last but not least, I have decided to paint our kitchen cabinets!!!!! I totally crazy you ask? Well, maybe, but they need it so badly and I've wanted to do it since we moved in, so if anyone has any tips, please let me know! A friend of mine has done the same thing to her cabinets here in Childress, so I've been getting advice from her, but any "do's and don'ts" you can offer will be welcomed!


  1. Okay, so I am a bit behind on blogging and reading blogs, but I am officially back in the swing of things. The end of the school year was a little busy and beginning summer school had me a bit tied up.
    I am so happy that Maggie is doing so much better. We are feeding our girls Purina One and I have noticed that they too have had upset stomachs. I wonder??? I just called Jason and read your blog to him and we decided that we too are going to switch.
    I am also thanking God for his blessing on little Drew. Such wonderful, reassuring news!
    Curls, no curls, and then blogs were a little out of order, but I couldn't pass up the sand box pictures. :-)
    I want you to know that I think the post about Amy is the absolute sweetest thing! I don't have any brothers or sisters, so my only hope is that my brother-in-law will marry someone as awesome as Amy too! You and Amy are just precious! I am so thankful that I can keep up with you guys by blogging! I still remember the day that you showed me a blog and now here we are! So my comment is long and scattered...sorry! Take care! Love, stacie

  2. high school reunions..yuck. mine will be next year, my husband's is this year. my dad was a coyote! crazy! also, about working out, i feel the exact same way- i get so bored with running/ elipticals.. hate it!! so, joe and i took up kickboxing last year and it was soooo much fun! it really will keep you in shape! joe was the only male in there, but the other ladies ate it up!

  3. I, too, am looking forward to our reunion. I am feeling a little guilty because I told Tania I would help with decorations and such, but I haven't heard anything from her. I called today but she didn't answer. I guess if she needs me she will call. Dave's reunion was kind of a flop last year! He had a huge class and there were only about 60 who showed up, including spouses. I am a little disappointed at not being in better shape, also. I am just not motivated enough to work out much on my own. I like to have someone suffering through it with me! I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!

  4. Do you know what the pageant makes me think of? Did you ever see the movie, "The Shag"? They have that pageant called Miss Firecracker or something like that...
    Funny how I am the opposite on the work-out spectrum! I'd be happy to do cardio for days listening to my music, watching tv or reading a magazine, but it is torture when I go to lift weights...I'm SO bored!

  5. I love going to group aerobics classes - it's great to have exterior motivation, for the class to be different each time you do it, and to have the "pressure" to stay for the entire class, even if you don't want to, just so you aren't rude to the instructor. I can't wait to get started again!

    Class reunion...I'm not sure that I'll be flying to Texas for that next year. I hope yours is fun though!

  6. Corrie, are you talking about Shag, The Movie? It's the Miss Sun Queen pageant, I think and YES I love that movie...I actually own it! My roommate and I used to watch it all the time in college! Sometimes I put it on while I'm cleaning the house.


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