Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our Sweet Nephews

Richard and I each have one younger brother who is our only sibling. Mine just got married last summer, and Richard's brother, Ronnie has been married to his wife, Dawn for five years as of May. They have two sons, Andrew Ryan and Kade Devoy. Drew and Kade are the life of the party when our family gets together. We love those boys just like they were our own and we miss them SO much! Drew will be 3 in October, and Kade is 5 months old as of June 2nd. Here are some pictures Dawn just sent us. I couldn't resist posting them. Oh, and I think I have finally convinced Dawn to start blogging...the next time we're all together I'm going to get her started...yay! Enjoy!

Drew so desperately wants to be a "baby" too! He is on the left in the bouncer and Kade is in the exersaucer!

Here is the whole family: Kade, Dawn, Drew and Ronnie Jenkins. This was taken the weekend of Kade's dedication just before heading out to church.
Dawn took these pictures and sent them to me today. I just can't resist that face!
In color, so you can see his beautiful blue eyes, just like his daddy's.
Okay, you other mommies will know what this is...I think it's called a Bumbo seat? Anyway, it's a pretty cool thing so that Kade can hang out with all of us in the kitchen!


  1. What handsome Jenkins boys! I can't believe how big Drew is!

  2. Hey Lala...I love this blog! I can't figure out why? I can't wait to get my blog started. I love sharing my boys with everyone! We miss you too!

  3. Oh, they are precious! I haven't seen pictures of Kade since he was born!

  4. Those pictures of Kade with the blanket are too cute!


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