Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Rug!!

You know how good it feels to get something new for your house? It almost brings back that feeling you had when you first moved there. Well, we have lived in Childress for one year now! Wow, time has really flown by. Anyway, last summer before we moved my precious Aunt Charcie gave us a gift certificate to Pottery Barn so I could buy a housewarming gift of my choice. I LOVE Pottery Barn, but like most, cannot buy all that I covet from the pages of the catalog! So, I have been contemplating my purchase for the past year. Talk about no-impulse shopping! Well, after much thought, I FINALLY found the perfect thing and ordered it last week and it JUST got here! I unwrapped it, and placed it ALL BY MYSELF! I will tell you in my next post whether Richard even notices when he gets home. So, here are the pics of my new RUG! I bought it just to go under the table and chairs in the dining area and I LOVE it! It is BETTER than I even thought it looked in the catalog.

Here it is up is a Sisal rug in Espresso.

It goes well with the table.

Notice the STILL raw wood chairs...I have the paint and stain ready to go; I'm waiting on Richard to embed the screw holes. That WILL happen this summer.

It goes SO well with the tile in the house.
We're headed out of town this weekend, so all the stuff on the table is my "to pack" pile.

From the edge of the living room, looking into the dining area/kitchen.

I'm SO excited about it! It just makes the house look that much closer to a finished, polished look....yeah right! I don't know that it will ever be "finished."

It's kind of amazing, maybe even a little sad, at just how little it takes to make me happy. Lucky Richard.


  1. Love the rug...i know what you mean about getting excited about little things. I was so pumped b/c I just got two new blankets for the beds. Dawn

  2. Very pwetty! Are schnauzers allowed to sit on it? Just curious!

  3. Yay! It really does finish off the room! I don't own a single thing from Pottery Barn, but I love it all, too! I wish there was an outlet up here...

  4. Hi Charla! I found your blog through Corrie and Nicki. LOVE the rug. I am a big fan of the Pottery Barn look. You made a great choice--the room looks so nice.


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