Sunday, June 17, 2007

Maggie Update and Baby Prayer Request

Well, I'm glad to report that Maggie Louise is doing MUCH better!! And, Marlee Jane has shown no more signs of sickness. So, I am just praying they both continue to feel as well as they do tonight. They both ate well and were very cheery when we got home from Rich's parents' house. Keep your fingers crossed it stays that way!
I wanted to also ask for your prayers. Below is an email I got from my mom. My dad is an Aggie grad and was part of Spider-D company in the corps, class of '70. Every year we still get together with his Spider buddies and their wives and families in College Station for a football game/reunion weekend. The baby mentioned below is the grandson of one of my dad's corps buddies.
Helloo Spider Friends, We wanted to let you know about our new grandbaby. Craig and Anne-Maree had a little boy on June 7 in Sydney Australia. His name is Casey Joshua Holland. However he had to have open heart surgery 12 hours after birth. He had a vein that was going into the wrong place on his heart. It has been a long 10 days. He is still listed as stable but critical and in icu with many tubes going into his little body. last Sunday night they took him back to surgery and removed the heart pump that had been pumping his blood for him. He has now been pumping his own blood for a week and is doing good. He has a lot of swelling in his chest and they are trying to reduce that so that they can go back and close up his chest. They will do that early this week. That means another surgery and possible set backs. We talk to them almost daily, but it has been hard to be here with them going through so much way over there. Craig was supposed to go back to Canada yesterday, but has had to extend his stay longer. We have people all over the world praying for little Casey. I wanted to let you know what was going on. I will add you all to my daily update list so you will get the latest. We covet your prayers. Love, TrudyThis is one of the best prayer networks I know! I love it and I love that we are using the INTERNET for God's work and glory! Thanks.

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  1. I posted notes about our weekend as well as a recipe I baked last week. Can hardly wait for you to be here Thursday. Looks like Gma and I will be taking Kennan to tennis camp in S.A. on Wednesday morning and doing some shopping at the same time. Have a good day- I have too many projects and can't seem to prioritize!!! Luv ya- Mom


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