Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Scary Porcupine

I don't exactly remember, but I think I might have posted and LONG time ago about a porcupine Richard and I caught gallavanting around in our neighbors' backyard. We live in town, not in the country as you might expect. And the only open field or even sort of "country" near us is the golf course driving range down the street. Now, at the time, there wasn't anyone living in the house, but since then a nice, older couple has moved in. I digress.

The weather has been SO nice here lately...daytime high in the mid-80's and then at night it drops to below 60. So, being the "spend-thrifty" gal I am, I think, "Let's open the windows and let the night air cool the house." Great idea, Charla...just great!

Well, it WAS a great idea! Until last night, or really early this morning about 4:00 when the dogs begin ferociously barking and I mean snarling and the whole shebang! So, I instantly wake can guess who slept through most of it...and start chiding the dogs to "hush that" and "Maggie, stop it" and "Marlee, bad dog" to no avail. They have run into the office and are literally going NUTS!! So, I walk in the office and pull up the blind on the window a little more so I don't have to bend down (it IS 4:00 a.m. remember), and low-and-behold what doth mine eyes see? That's right, folks...the SCARY PORCUPINE shuffling past the window.

Two thoughts jumped into my mind at that moment. The first was, "Oh, good dogs. Oh, you're the smartest dogs ever. I'm so sorry I yelled at you" (all in my cheesy baby-talk voice that I know all you dog lovers understand). My mind immediately jumped to, "Where the heck is this thing coming from?" I mean y'all he/she is MONSTROUS! He is scary! He is yucky! What does he want from us?
I grew up my entire life in the country and I'm very used to wild animals at night. But I can't think of one time we ever had a porcupine come up to the house. So, now I'm afraid to leave the windows open at night, but I hate to spend money on "fake" cooling when I can get the real deal FREE!!!

Oh, and I didn't mention when I left for work I noticed all my cute pumpkins were knocked over out of place! I wonder if he/she tried to eat them?

Hopefully I will have NO MORE stories about the porcupine to entertain my blogging friends with in the future. Woe is me, and woe be to the porcupine if he sets foot in our yard again!


  1. Where is the pellet gun when you need it?????

  2. GOOD schnauzers! Way to protect and notify your family! I'm sorry your daddy told you to hush! You did the right thing! :) Now, be sure you only bark at it...Don't try to bite it or attack it. That would bea bad choice!

    CDJ-How did you make sure it left your backyard? I mean, are porcupines nocturnal? Maybe your mom is right...Pop the thing with a pellet gun and maybe that will send it packing!

  3. Corrie,

    First, it was me who chided the pups, not Rich...he was still asleep! Ha! Also, it wasn't in our backyard, it was in the neighbor's backyard first, and then it was in our front yard, so we didn't have to get it out. And yes, I was wishing I had a pellet gun about then...sheesh!

  4. That is kinda scary and funny...Atleast it wasn't a rattlesnake...(I had one in my front yard)

  5. I wish your porcupine would come and eat the rooster that has suddenly appeared in my yard!!! I swear C-town has a lot of farm animals!!


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