Saturday, October 06, 2007

Exhaustion Taketh Me Over

This week, including last weekend, has been one of the longest and most tiring of my entire life! So, here's a recap, as concisely as possible...wait, you all know better than that!!!

Last weekend we headed to Aggieland, which of course I was absolutely ecstatic about! I bid on some tickets several times on eBay, always to be outbid. It turned out however, this was better anyway, and I thanked God for being wiser than I because we were able to spend that time with my parents and our friends, AND because you should have seen the hoards of people leaving the stadium at halftime when Mom and I drove down Texas Avenue. It was extremely HOT that day, so our seat at Fox and Hound in the cool with cool drinks and food was just perfect. I must admit I shed a few tears while we were there...I completely miss College Station-pretty much everything about it.

We crammed as much as we possibly could into the trip including Sunday School with our former class (so fun, but sad, too), eating at Pho John's, a trip to Coffee Station for a Choo Choo Chino, a trip to the new Gander Mountain (formerly the site of Rich's place of work in college, the Lonestar Golf Range), visits with friends including the Willis family, the Johnston's, the Hendler's, some of my cousins and others. We even visited the mall so I could get a new Aggie t-shirt which I happen to really love! On our way home, we were excited and blessed by a stop in Waco to visit with our dear friends,
Corrie and Ryan. It was SO great to see them and we all agreed it had been way too long between face-to-face visits! They are such dear friends and being with them reminded me of why we love them so much! They are going to be amazing parents when Clara Layne gets here this winter...what a lucky little girl she already is! We visited, watched them eat dinner and then we all enjoyed some Cold Stone ice cream before we got on the road...we made it home about 1:30 Monday morning, thus beginning my exhausting week!

Monday...normal day at school, but tired from our trip.
Tuesday...aerobics at 5:15 (which was much better than I anticipated) and then busy day at school.
Wednesday...leave C at 6:15 for Amarillo and a writing workshop (it was actually pretty good).
Thursday...up early for a department meeting and then LOTS of DRAMA getting ready for Bobcat Stars/FCA trip to the Elementary school. We also took Rich's grandmother to Altus, OK for her birthday. She LOVES Long John Silver's and so we took her for fish, Wal-Mart and Braum's ice cream. We really had a great time, but I was so tired still I am hoping I wasn't a total bump on a log! school by 6:45 to get ready for our trip to the elementary school with Bobcat Stars. Basically this involved myself and my co-sponsor getting 135 high school kids organized into their respective classroom assignments, t-shirts on, and onto 4 buses to get there by 7:55 and then to get us all back to CHS by 8:45 when 2nd period begins! It was insane, but I was prepared with my spiritual armor on, and I KNOW this is why it all went well! Then, Friday evening we went out to Rich's parents for dinner.

This morning I slept in as late as I could (about 8:30, I think), got up and made homemade waffles, coffee and Canadian bacon for my sweet husband, whom I sleep with every night but miss like I haven't seen him in a week (because I almost haven't), and myself. We had a peaceful, quiet breakfast and then started cleaning!

Rich cleaned and organized our garage and it looks AWESOME! I wish I would have taken before and after pictures but trust me it is an amazing transformation! I worked on washing clothes, sweeping and generally picking up. I also got to visit with my sister-in-law, Dawn, earlier and I always feel so uplifted after a good conversatoin with her! So, the house looks great, I'm feeling somewhat rested and my Aggies are playing as we speak! I must go and do my 12th Man part!

Blessings and Gig 'Em!!!

(Oh, and my day was sweetened a bit more when t.u. lost to OU today and pretty much lost any hope of a National Championship, so it really has been a good


  1. Bless your heart. Does it ever slow down? It seems like every couple of months I say, "this is a busy time of year". Every time of year is busy!! Hope things slow down a bit for you this week. AND, you did an AWESOME job with the bobcat stars on Friday!!

  2. Well, just so you know, College Station (and we who live here) miss you too!

    We're going to be in Wichita Falls the first full weekend in Nov. Maybe we could catch uo?

  3. Just one question...Did you pass through the big A on your way home from College Station and not give me a call??? I guess I will let it slide since you got home so late, but next time I won't be so easy on you! I have not been back to College Station in about 6 years! I miss it so much. I think I would miss it even more if I got to go visit, though. Glad you had a good visit!


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