Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Day of 36

Yesterday, my husband turned 36, so I am posting today in honor of his first day as such. I told him he was really living up his birthday week after his little episode this weekend (read the post below this one for that entertaining story). So, I would like to tell all of my fellow bloggers about the amazing man I married.

10 Things I Love About My Man

1. Richard is the calm in my storm. From what I have heard, he has always been this way. Very rarely does he get angry, and when he does it is usually with good cause. I tend to be impatient, but he grounds me in that capacity because he is so cool, collected and level-headed about things. I really admire this about him.

2. I think almost without realizing it, Richard touches me all the time. When he walks by me, he'll brush his hand across my back or touch my hand. I love it! I don't know if he knows how much it means to me.

3. Although it may be difficult to believe, I married a quiet man. It's not that he is shy, he just doesn't talk much in social settings. He's one of those guys that doesn't say much, but when he does everyone listens and it means something. What a great quality. I wish I possessed it.

4. Richard has a kindred spirit with the elderly and it melts my heart. He loves to sit and chat with his Nanny or other elderly people at church and they just love it.

5. Richard is a risk-taker. Now, in the beginning this was a HUGE adjustment for me. I do not take risks, normally. I would never bungee jump, I don't ever take more than $15 to the blackjack table, and I don't invest money in "iffy" propositions. It just isn't in me. HOWEVER, Richard has taught me that you can be smart with your risks and have it pay off. He has shown this to me a number of times and it has really helped me open up my mind.

6. Richard is a spender. Now, why do I love this about him you ask? Because when I met him, I was a TIGHT WAD; I was leaning on miserly status. Rich was the complete opposite and for both of us these were faults. But when we met, he helped me to see that it is alright to pay full price occasionally and to treat yourself once in a while and for that gift I'm so grateful.

7. Rich loves our puppies. To me, this transfers to the fact that one day he will be an amazing father. He has so much wisdom to share and if we have a son(s) in the future, they would be blessed to become the kind of man he is.

8. I'm not sure how he does it, but Richard can seriously read my mind sometimes. Okay, so I'm sure he's not telepathic, but he is so good at picking up on subtleties about what is going on with me and what I need. The next thing I know, whatever it is I'm needing done is getting done. It's amazing. This trickles over to my emotional needs, too. He's very good at reading when I'm having a hard day or just need some attention.

9. Just call him Tim Taylor. Yes, my man is handy! What a BLESSING this has been in our life and during our house remodeling. Most of all, I just love that he is willing and wanting to get in and figure things out. Richard is one of the most intelligent men I've ever met and because he is an engineer and his mind is so geared that way the boy can figure out pretty much anything. It constantly amazes me!

10. Lastly, Richard has a heart for Jesus. When we first met, I was going through a breakup that was really hard on me. I would cry in Richard's arms about another guy and he just held me and then would get out his Bible and find scripture for us to read together. This really got my attention. I had never dated a man who went straight to the Word for answers, and I was touched he would do this for me. What a man, one who can comfort the girl he's dating while she is heartbroken over a past relationship. When we were going through the miscarriage last Spring, he would write notes, reminding about who was in control and give me cards with inspirational scripture inside of them.

I'm sitting here thinking, "there's so much more I could say." However, I will leave it at those 10 for now.

Happy Birthday, baby! God only knows the depth of my love for you! Only 364 days until #37!


  1. that was a great post. Happy Birthday Richard. I hope that you have a great year.

  2. You guys are too perfect! You so deserve each other....Happy bday rj.

  3. You do have a keeper on your hands, Charla! Rich, we hope your birthday was wonderful! Thanks for taking such good care of Charla, Mags & Marlee!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Richard! I'm glad that you're feeling better. I have the same problem with passing out when I throw up. Not fun at all! Especially for the person that's not passing out, Ryan tells me.

    I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas...will it be white?

  5. I love husbands and wives who aren't afraid to tell their love for one another in public.

    You did well.

  6. Okay, we're in need of a new post out here! It has been WAY too long!


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