Saturday, April 19, 2008

All Alone in the Big City!!!

Last weekend I had planned to go shopping in Amarillo, but it ended up not working out so I postponed it until this weekend. So, today I got up early and headed out to the "big city" for some girl time...just me, myself, and I! I LOVE shopping alone and finding my way around by myself. I have a lot of time to think, browse, pray, contemplate, and all of the other good things you get to do when you don't have to worry about anyone else's schedule or patience.

So, my first stop was TAR-JSHAY, of course! One of my main missions was to find an outfit for a party we are going to in Uvalde this weekend. Here's what I found...

This is the dress...

I couldn't find a picture of the exact shoes I bought, but these are almost identical to fact I tried these on, too.

These are accessories. Again, I couldn't find a picture of the actual earrings I bought, but these are pretty close...I like mine better. I also bought this necklace which I's longer than it looks in the picture, probably about midway down my stomach.

I bought some cute shirts and a couple of pair of shorts and then headed for lunch at Zookini's. Nothing like a really good salad bar!

**ADDED** I can't believe I forgot to mention the mani and pedi I got, too. I have to say they weren't the best (or even very good for that matter) I've ever had, but when I got to the register and paid only $30 TOTAL, I figured I got what I paid for. Anyway, the nails are manicured and toes are painted, so that's all I really wanted anyway and the person was VERY nice, so it was relaxing...who am I kidding, they look WAY better than they did before, so regardless it's an improvement.

Then, I headed to Old Navy for a couple of always-in-need-of solid tees and of course I had to stop at MS Industries (Marble Slab) for some Rum ice cream!

I even made it to Barnes and Noble but I only used the bathroom!

I had a great phone conversation with my dear friend, Julia, whom I don't talk to enough and because I was distracted with that, I missed my turn off and didn't realize it until I saw the big Groom cross in front of me. I was still on I-40. No biggie, it just added a few minutes to my trip.

All in all, it was a really nice day spent with myself!

Now, I'm off to love on my nephews who have been here this weekend with their daddy. Dawn is taking a much needed and well deserved break at home by herself!


  1. Hi there! I'm Debbie from Alabama and was blog hopping and came across yours! Ck mine out sometime....I adore cows!! Collect them actually! Only Black/white holsteins! So your name caught my eye! Hope you had a great day shopping....sounds like you did!


  2. Well, I guess the key word 'alone' is why I didn't get a call. I probably couldn't have joined you anyway. Don't forget that only the ones who live here know some of the best out of the way places to find things. Has anyone told you about Fort Amarillo RV Park? Lizzie Mae's is the store out there. You won't believe it! It's fabulous and has a waterfall inside. Gifts Galore!!!!

  3. I love the dress and the whole outfit...and good for you for taking a need it...what am I saying...Every woman needs that sometime...I am jealous about the ice cream...and your trip to Groom....haha...I will be up there again I will make sure I think about you when I see the cross...Next time you go to should stop by the cross if you haven't is unbelievable and the gift shop is really special with alot of neat KNICK KNACKS.... About Lizzy Mae's...that is where I get alot of fun UNIQUE things for my decorating should check it out and I try to go a couple times a year....Have fun at the party in will be the best dressed there...see you soon...steph

  4. Loved the pics of your new outfit...very cute!!! I enjoyed my weekend was over way too soon! I should have my blog updated by tomorrow morning...

  5. Looks like you got some sassy clothes and accessories! You are always so well put-together! I wish I had a nack for accessorizing! Sigh!

  6. the outfit looks too cute, woman! hey, by the way...we are going to uvalde with the quads this weekend! 25, 26, 27 their very 1st trip stuff! taking them to their very first church service sunday at uvalde church of christ! can't wait!

  7. I love the oufit...TOOO CUTE...I wish I could have gone with you...but I know you had fun...Nothing like a day to yourself..
    Have fun this weekend...

  8. TOO CUTE! I can't wait to see you!!! Be careful...


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