Monday, April 21, 2008

Petition for Prayers

Fellow bloggers and prayer warriors, I am beseeching your prayers on behalf of my precious sister-in-law, Amy and her family. Early this morning her beloved Grandma Margaret passed away very unexpectedly in Michigan. My brother is somewhere on mission, so she was alone this morning when she got the news. **Update**I talked to my mom this afternoon and she had talked to my brother and found out he is actually stateside and home in Washington. So, Amy wasn't alone when she found out about her grandmother, so that was a relief.

My heart is hurting for her and for her family. Amy has lost her paternal grandmother within the last two years, and she was very close to her. Last year, Margaret's husband, Amy's step-grandfather, died at about this same time. So, their family has converged for funerals too often in the last two years.

I haven't spoken to Amy yet, but I know she will be heading to Michigan soon if she's not there already.

You can read more about her Grandma Margaret and probably find updates on her sister, Alicia's, blog. Alicia can't make the funeral because of her brand-new baby girl, Hannah.

I LOVE being able to run to my computer and know I will have prayers circulating in no time!


  1. Bless her heart! I will sure be sending up prayers for her and her family. It is so hard to loose a grandparent. I can't imagine having been alone.

    Yes, this WWW thing is pretty cool for us prayer warriors isn't it!! You guys have SAVED me over the last three months!! LOVE YA!!

  2. Bless her heart...I will put her in my heart and prayers...steph

  3. Sorry about the loss ... I prayed!

  4. Thank you, Charla! It sounds like everything went well up in Michigan - due to prayers I'm sure. Amy should be back home late tonight. My mom is having to spend the rest of the week sorting through my grandma's affairs, so she could definitely use prayer on that.
    Thanks again for the petition!

  5. I will be praying for Amy. It is so so hard when you have to say goodbye (for now:) to a beloved grandparent.


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