Monday, April 28, 2008

To Uvalde

So, I thought all day today about how I would post this information and I decided I would do it in three different posts, all on the same day. So, be sure to keep reading all of today's posts.

This weekend, Richard and I headed to Uvalde for an engagement party for my dear friend, Tania and her boyfriend, Matt. I'm so excited for them.

We didn't get to Uvalde until 1:30 Saturday morning so it was a late start for us Saturday. Mom and I ran errands, took my grandmother with us to the cemetery to put flags on my grandfathers' gravestones, and just hung out together. Saturday night mom and dad had their own party to go to, and Richard and I headed to some friends and then off to the engagement party.

The party itself was really nice. Tania is Argentinian and one of the family's who gave the party is Italian, so the party was amazing; between the wine and amazing Italian pasta and polenta, and vanilla ice cream with vodka and lemon as dessert. The mood was set by the pool with Christmas lights in the trees. Besides the great food, we had GREAT conversation and were able to visit with friends we haven't seen in a while and some we just enjoy being around as often as possible.

Here are some pics of the evening...

Jill and me...Jill is the wife of one of my best friends, Aaron. Well, she is ALSO my friend and we always have a great time together!

Three of my great friends, Sami (preggers, due in October), Meredith and Jenny

Aw, who's that hottie with me you ask? He's mine, sorry ladies!

This is Daniel, Tania's dad. He is standing on a stump giving a toast to Tania and Matt.

Matt is giving a toast to Tania, her mom, Celina and her dad, Daniel. It was so cute! Look how much Tania and her mom look alike...such beauties!

I love this picture!!! Tania is laughing at her dad's toast!

Sami and me...just remember I had about 4 hours of sleep the night before! Ha!

Jill and the McHotterson...

Jill and HER hottie, she gets all the guys!

Sweet girls...Tania, Tane (Sarah's mom) and Sarah (who is preggers and due in September)

Okay, so I had to end with another picture of the McHotterson! Love that guy...


  1. McHotterson!! I love it!! We should all name our husbands...I'll have to come up with a good one for Jason!! Great post and you look mighty hot yourself girlie!! Glad you had a great time.

  2. looked like so much fun! great weather! love your: dress, accessories, and hair!

  3. I was reading Suzanne's blog saw that you were from Uvalde, read your blog and know most of the people in the pictures. Name is Sara Payne, my husband Nathan and I lived in Uvalde for 5 years, My brother and sister in law are Jeremy and Jill Hale.... Kimberly Hall is my best friend and cousin the All about Adalie Blogger... feel free to read my blog, or on all about adalie blog under Sara... So good to see Sammy and Merideth, do they have a blog...

  4. WHAT!!!! How did you not tell me this the other day when we were talking on the phone????

  5. I like the McHotterson too! You guys are just too cute!

  6. I am so jealous of you and your blogging. You are on top of it! Love the posts and the pictures. I haven't uploaded ours yet. Our computer got a virus. joy joy in getting it fixed! will you email me some of those pictures? Thanks for being such a great and special friend!

  7. Hi--My name is Jarvis...I am an English teacher, and found your blog by way of Suzanne. I will add yours to the list...Are you enjoying this week of TAKS testing? Can't wait to get to "know" your more! ~Jarvis

  8. So much fun...I'm glad you came back after a trip like that! Always good to catch up with old friends...The Quads??? Absolutely adorable!

  9. Oh - that party looks like so much fun outside under the stars with the lights in the trees!!!
    And I love your necklace and dress!

  10. Hi - found your blog through the quads (common thread it seems) but I also see we have a common friend...SAMI - please tell her Andrea Wise found you and says hi- we worked Ozark together and both Baylor grads! Does she have a blog??


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