Friday, May 02, 2008

I Can't Believe...

...I forgot to mention this in the post below. After we ate Wing Stop and got some frozen custard (yes, you Aggies/College Station residents, it is like Shakes, but in Lubbock...yum, yum...okay, so not as good as Shakes, but still yum), we of course had to make a stop at Target. When I went on my little shopping expedition for the little black dress for the engagement party I had fully intended to also purchase a new purse and new sunglasses, both of which I truly am needing. Okay, well maybe the purse is a little indulgent, but I DO need new sunglasses. My previous Target purchased pair I have worn for at least three years and they have scratches all over them! It was time.

So, here's what I picked up yesterday. There wasn't a picture of the sunglasses I bought online, so I took one of myself on my computer...we're watching a movie in the dark after TAKS is over, hence the dark background.

What do you think? I LOVE it! Yes, it is large and in charge, but hey from one fashion victim to another, if it's in, it's in (insert sarcasm).


  1. very cute!!! LOOOVE purses and shoes--i'm such a girlie girl. hi, my name is Suzanne, and I'm Targ-e-holic.

  2. cute purse!

    i have been dreaming about the fries at Wing Stop!! i'm so jealous...

  3. Love the bag...girlie..Think of all the sour twizzlers that I could put in there...and the sunglasses... THE BOMB...Way to hip for C-Town!!

  4. Who's that chic in the Foster Grants? ....... if you understand that quip you are older'n'dirt!!!

    Lookin' good!!!!

  5. Nice shades.

    Are they Target brand or some special designer shades?

    No Target here in Taiwan sadly...

  6. love the pic! you are so james bond'esk! very hip and cool! i read the quads moms blog... omg. she is amazing! what a cute family! love you char char the poet!

  7. I guess this is where I should say, "That purse is SO you!"



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