Friday, May 16, 2008

Two in a Row!

Yep, that's right, another birthday post! Today I'm excited to wish my sister-in-law, Dawn, a very happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear, Dawn!
Happy birthday to you!

God has been so gracious when it comes to sisters-in-law for me. I have two of the greatest! Here are some things you may not know about Dawn and that I love about her:

1.) She is a planner. Now, this is sometimes stressful for her, and we all just laugh when she calls us in June and asks if we've thought about our plans for Christmas, but I actually really appreciate this about her. I like this trait because she is always happy to make plans for the family and instead of us sitting around doing nothing, most of the time we have something exciting to do.

2.) She is a giver. Dawn gives of herself...her time, talents, advice, love, etc. If you ask her for a favor she will bend over backward to do it for you and not complain even once.

3.) She loves her boys, but she also is the kind of mommy that allows you to love her children, too. I love my nephews so much and they are great boys, a big part of which is because of Dawn. She loves them unconditionally and has made sure they have started life with a love of Jesus all around them.

4.) She loves Jesus!! When I first met Dawn, she wasn't saved and in the years that have followed I have watched her grow in leaps and bound spiritually! She has a love for God in her heart and is on fire for him. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I truly appreciate our discussions we always end up having when we're together.

5.) She is a girly girl! Put her in a room full of anything pink, glittery, or feathery and she will come out looking like a million bucks! We are very different in this way, but I LOVE this about her! She wouldn't be Dawn if there wasn't a little bit of bling-bling about her somewhere!

56.) Lastly, Dawn is like a sister I never had. Even though we are very different people in many ways, we compliment each other and just have a good time with each other. She is going to be the best aunt someday and she tells me that all the!

I love you, Dawn!

I wish we could spend your birthday with you, but know I'm thinking of you and I am sending you happy wishes!!!


  1. Happy Birthday....I didn't know that your birthday was in May also...I hope you have a great one.....

    A couple things about you....

    1 - Very spiritual....
    2 - Too cute for words
    3 - Great mommy
    4 - great decorator and great scrapbooker...
    5 - Good friend that I have gotten to know...through bloggin'...

    Hope you have a great one...steph

  2. Okay Lala...I am sitting here on this bitter sweet birthday...reading your blog and crying b/c the words you wrote have touched me so...
    I love you and Rich so much and I know today is hard for you, yet you still take the time to think of me...WOW - talk about selfless, unconditional love. I just want you to know I am lifting you up in prayers today...I love you so much. Okay I have to quit crying b/c I am messing up my bday make-up! Love ya!!!
    p.s. you have to know it is true...I will be the best aunt ever!!! I have big "Lala" shoes to fill, but I am gearing up for the big job!


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