Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today is my baby's birthday! Marlee Jane Jenkins is 2 today! What a sweet puppy she is! Here are some things to know about Marlee:

-She was born in Abilene, Texas.

This is after her first haircut, but she wouldn't let me cut her head! She was just a tiny thing then!

-She weighs about 18 pounds.

-She is a true phantom-colored miniature schnauzer (I learned at the dog show what makes her bonafide phantom is the "mask-like" coloring on her face).

A bit blurry, but Marlee with her daddy the night we got back from OKC.

-She is a MEGA cuddler...loves to get her face as close as she can to yours and snuggles with you all the time if you let her (who can resist, right?).

Very shaggy and dirty Maggie and Marlee...notice Marlee is sleeping on TOP of Maggie...this is very common around our house!

-She is a JEALOUS dog! She will NOT let me love on Maggie or speak sweetness to Maggie without getting between her sister and whomever is not paying attention to HER! She will worm her way between you and whomever you are loving on if it is not her, even another human.

-She LOVES to play chase and "catch me if you can" with her sister. It cracks us up!

What's better to do on your birthday than take a nap in your bed with your favorite toy squirrel?

-She follows Maggie around EVERYWHERE and does everything she does. Maggie loves squirrels, and Marlee doesn't really care about them. But if Maggie is chasing one and jumping at one up in a tree, you can bet Marlee is copying her every move!

-She is a total lady when it comes to eating. She will take a treat from you very slowly and gingerly and then lick on it and take one slow bite at a time (very UNLIKE her sister). It takes her twice as long to finish her bones and dinner!

-She LOVES car rides and if I'm in the garage with the car door open for any reason, she will jump right in and look at me like, "I'm ready, let's go, Mom."

Marlee in the car!

-Her favorite pastime, other than aggravating her sister, is getting a toy out of the basket and shaking it as hard as she can in her mouth.

All in all, Marlee has brought us so much joy, laughter, love, and snuggles! We love having her as part of the family!

Happy Birthday, Marlee Jane!


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet doggie, er-- I mean, sweet baby.

    Are you having cake? I love me some birthday cake!

  2. J-

    I wish we were having cake. For Maggie's birthday one year, my sister-in-law bought us doggie brownies and she brought over her dog and we had a little brownie celebration! So fun!

  3. Hey Charla,
    We will be at the Frio from the 16th-24th... BUT I really want to be able to catch up! Are there any other dates you are here???

  4. LOVE that puppy!
    Sweet little girl!

  5. how sweet!! i cannot let my kids see these pics or the pleas for a puppy will start all over again!! :)

  6. What a doll! She is so cute. Happy 2nd Birthday!!


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