Monday, August 04, 2008

A New Leaf

Yep, I've turned one over. First, I have decided I MUST stop feeling guilty for things in my life that I a.) have no control over, b.) just aren't worth it or c.) I just plain have no place feeling guilty about.

So, there are many areas I'm working on this, but one is my house. I must say that the majority of us (although there are a FEW crazy exceptions to this rule) do not enjoy housework. I find where we might differ in our opinions is not the fact that we despise it as a whole (because most of us do), but merely in the specific parts we might like or dislike (i.e. bathrooms, mopping, dusting, etc...), or in the reasons behind not finding it even the slightest bit intriguing.

For example, the only part of housework I enjoy is purging and organizing. I love getting rid of junk and reorganizing a space. I absolutely HATE cleaning bathrooms. Gag. A. Maggot. I don't mind dusting, I guess, but I am definitely not eager to jump in. And mopping? As if. Vacuuming I can handle. On occasion.

Now, let me make one tiny detail clear. Even though I do not like it, I still do it. My house, on most occasions, is relatively clean. Albeit, not always tidy, but most always mostly clean. Liveable. You won't die or contract a disease. Is my guilt showing?

I do not like housework for one main reason: it takes away from the things I would rather be doing or could be doing. Even in my quaint, little house, it still feels like a ginormous chore. It overwhelms me. I can totally relate to those people you see on Clean Sweep and shows like that who just gave up. I'm not there and I hope to never get there, but I can understand. I can see how it happens. Scary.

I hear complaints all the time about housework and I DO NOT want to be one of those women who thinks it is "my job" because I'm a woman. I enjoy keeping a nice, clean house. I do not enjoy the means to the end. I do not want to do housework for 50 years and despise every minute of it, or be bitter about it later.

Here are my top 10 things I would rather/could be doing if I wasn't doing housework:

1. Spending more time in God's word and praising Him
2. Spending more time in THOUGHTFUL prayer.
3. Spending more time with my husband.
4. Spending more time thinking of nice things to do for my husband.
5. Spending more time calling friends I don't talk to nearly enough.
6. Spending more time working on my yard.
7. Spending more time working in my classroom (which I don't mind near as much as housework).
8. Spending more time READING GREAT BOOKS on my long, long "Want to Read" list.
9. Spending more time building blogs for my friends.
10. Spending more time riding horses, playing golf, working out, walking the dogs and all of those other things I want to do more of and don't have the time it seems.

So, this is all said to let you in on a little secret. In T minus 9 plus a little days and counting, I will experience my very first H-O-U-S-E-K-E-E-P-E-R.

Yes, I said, "to heck with the guilt." I have talked about this for over a year now, and just haven't done it for various reasons.

Just because I don't have human children, doesn't mean my house doesn't get messy or dirty OR that I have all the time in the world to clean it. I don't!

And, when it comes down to it, we are willing to pay for what we want or need the most, and each of us makes our own decisions about what those things are. I've made my decision and I couldn't be more excited. I seriously cannot wait for the 14th!!!!!

WANTED: A housekeeper (or angel as I like to call her). Once every two weeks. To dust, clean floors, vacuum, clean windows/sills, mirrors, dust fans, and most of all CLEAN THE BATHROOMS!!!

And, now I've found her.


  1. I have to say I am a little jealous! I hate housework, and rarely do much. We bought a new vacuum cleaner last week. When I was at Jill's this weekend she asked me how I liked it. I had to confess I hadn't used it yet. She was shocked. She would have pulled it out of the box immediately and vacuumed her entire house. I have to admit it still hasn't been used. I guess I should do that....

  2. if you could talk to Marty about me one...i'd owe you forever!!! lol

    Well congrats and I must say I am jealous!

  3. Charla,
    Good move! I've had a housekeeper in one form or another for years and I have never regretted the money spent. Of course, I do get teased from my husband about picking up before she comes. I don't pay her to pick up his shoes, I pay her to clean up what I don't want to do - bathrooms,mopping, changing the sheets. I find when I come home to a clean house I feel more inclined to do other things - clean out the frig, organize a closet etc. By the way - I'm Chris from Kerrville - a friend of your Mom's and Donna. I really enjoy your blog and want to know how you did the cute layout. I scrapbook and have TONS of digital elements. Just need to get busy with Photoshop to design something for us. Keep up the great blog and yeah for hiring someone to clean! Enjoy!

  4. Ryan says it is the best money we spend every month! :) BTW, The Virtuous Woman in Proverbs, has servant girls to help her! :)

  5. I say good for you girl!!

    I had a housekeeper but when my mom moved here, I started paying her to clean for me. Well, we all know that for the last 2 months my mom and I are "not talking" so I have been without!! Let me tell you, I am right there with you. I hate to clean house, but love to have a clean house!:) On Friday, I have the lady that used to clean for me coming back to start!!:)

    Yeah, lets have a housekeeper party for ourselves!! I am so excited for the both of us!!

  6. i must know who it is and does she need more work? i have tried a couple of people and it never works out... i would love it! one less thing for me to do... oh, it could be heaven!

  7. I'm jealous too!! In these last few days before school starts back, it's getting harder and harder to "make" the time to clean house...I just keep looking around and thinking..."I'll do it tomorrow, maybe..." And I am right there with you on the guilt factor, but in the long run, I figure, as long as it's not dusty enough to grow vegetables and a path is cleared through the toys, who really cares! Oh, and even though I'm not looking forward to starting school, I am looking forward to having my "nanny"/housekeeper back to help me stay ahead of the housework!!

  8. ok..i'm jealous! I just don't want other people seeing my house dirty(I know I am anal about that!) I would love to be able to let someone do that, but just can't. What I would like to do is hire someone to do my laundry...that is my weakness!

  9. I am all for it....BEFORE THE storm and baby I had someone come in 2 times a was the best investment....I will start it up as soon as I get my windows....just in time to get my house clean before my company comes in...I agree that I would rather spend time with my little family or doing something that is more healthy for me....good luck....steph

  10. Lea has a little picture that was given to her years ago that says, "There's a special place in heaven for moms with little boys." I've always thought it was interesting that she choose to hang it in their bathroom. I think when she has to clean it, it reminds her that cleaning boys bathrooms aren't easy. :)

  11. Yeah for the "Shirleys" in this world. What is really strange is that I get more satisfaction from cleaning someone else's house than I do my own. And Chris, I do the same thing you do- pick up before Shirley (our house helper)comes. I agree that it gives her more time to do the deeper-dirt stuff- we should be able to take care of the clutter and trashy stuff ourselves.
    I'm all for whatever gives you sanity.

  12. Amen and again, Charla! I could not relate to you more on this subject! I have battled over the same thoughts as well...and come to the same conclusion. This fall we also will start having someone else clean our home, and we don't have children yet either. :) Between our two jobs at the church and attempts to have a social life outside of them, we have decided that some tasks have got to go. Together time (and snuggle time with our pup :), time in the Word and overall sanity is just more important. I am with you, sister!


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