Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Oowa!

Today is my little brother's birthday! So, in honor of him, I thought I would tell you a few things about him!

-First, the title of the post may sound a little strange, but when I was little, I couldn't say Will's name, so I called him Uwa. It kind of stuck and my dad still calls him that.

-We are only 17 months apart, so we grew up as constant playmates. Although we fought some, I always knew he had my back and I his. I will always have very fond memories of waking him up for Christmas morning, jumping hurdles in the backyard, building forts in the pasture, jumping on the trampoline and taking turns every 5 minutes, long car rides on family vacations in the summer (you know what part I'm talking about, Will), swimming in the tank on summer days and nights, working goats, walking to Grandma and Grandpa's together, fighting about getting to sleep in your room with the air conditioner, and so many more I wouldn't know where to stop!

-Will has a great sense of humor, something he and I both got from our Dad. He cracks me up all of the time, with his dry wit.

-Will is very intelligent and I must admit I was always a little jealous about how easily Math and other things came to him. He is definitely the smarter of the two of us.

-Will is a helper. He is very giving of his resources and time, and I know if I ever needed anything, he wouldn't hesitate to help me no matter what it was.

-He is very loving and affectionate and, especially as he has gotten older, he has been more open with his affection. I love that he doesn't mind expressing his feelings to his mom and sister.

-Will is a wonderful husband and did a great job finding a spectacular sister-in-law for me! They are just meant for each other and I know we will have years and years of great memories!

-Will is very business-minded. I don't know how else to put that. He follows and understands the stock market and investments and could give advice to pretty much anyone who needed it. That impresses me, because I have no clue about things of that nature.

-He is the random trivia king, especially when it has to do with sports. This started at a young age, and I have never understood how in the world he can know and then spontaneously produce facts about some football team I've never even heard of; he even knows about their teams 30 years back!

-Most of all, I can never express how proud I am of him for his commitment to our country. He is a graduate of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, went through hellish days of Basic Training and is now a pilot in the United States Air Force. He leaves his wife for months at a time to serve his country and I am so proud of him I could burst! I brag on him every change I get!

I love you, bubba! You are so very special to me and I hope you can celebrate your birthday, happily, in a Turkish way!


  1. ditto- from his momma..... the one he is nothing like!!! He got all those wonderful traits from his father..... maybe that's why I agree with all of your bragging. But then, it takes a special sister to brag on her bubba like that. I wish I had a memory like yours!!!

  2. You do have a very special bro! He was always the nicest guy and is one of my favorite people. Please give him a happy belated birthday wish from me when you talk to him!!!

  3. what a special sister he has too! neat family! I miss you!!!! hope things are going great for you! did you get those invitations I sent you. hope soo! love ya!


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