Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pops!

Today my dad is 61 years young! I love him so much for many reasons. I thought I would share a few of them with you, so you might get a small glimpse into how great he truly is.

-First, I have to start with the fact my father is one of THE MOST humble people I've ever met, so he probably won't enjoy me sharing these things about him, but I just can't help it. He is the epitome of what it means to live in humility and I can only aspire to be more like him in this way.

-My dad is an example of what true integrity means. He is one of the most honorable people I know and my brother and I have learned this trait from him.

-Dad loves his family. He is one of the most loving, kind-hearted people I've ever met. Although he can seem to have a gruff exterior at times, deep down is a man who loves babies, puppies, and music and gets choked up at weddings, funerals, or anything patriotic. He took care of his mother when she was sick with cancer, and takes care of anyone he knows may be in need.

-Dad is a good friend. He is the kind of friend any man or woman would be blessed to have because he is completely loyal. Speaking of, even in their losing seasons, Dad is a loyal Aggie fan and passed that right along to me, following in his steps to Aggieland.

-That leads me into his next positive attribute. Dad loves his country. He is a Vietnam veteran, flying helicopters during his tour. He would give anything to be able to help in the war effort because he believes in the cause and the sacrifice of our troops.

-Dad has a nickname for EVERYONE! For example, he calls my brother, "Will Box the Pill Box" or "Uwa", among other things. He calls my husband, "Shorty" (he's 6'4") and some other name I can't remember because it is so random. He calls me, "R2", "RTK the Booger Bear", "Daddy's favorite baby girl" (I'm his only daughter), "Art" (a shortened version of R2); well you get the picture. He even has nicknames for my cousins, "Sarah Jane McGillacoughty", "Brian Gumball" and my friends, "Salad" (Sally...who calls him Taco) and "Flaco" (Aaron). I'm not sure what it is, but nicknames make you feel special. And this is just one more way, Dad always made me feel like I was his number one.

-My dad is one of the funniest people I know! He is constantly cracking us up with jokes, sarcasm, antics or the like. I love hanging out with him because he just makes me happy.

-My dad is a grilling extraordinaire. So much so, he and my mom are considering doing this in part of their retirement, when the time comes. His brisket, ribs, chicken wings (dead chicken as he calls it) and steaks are always in HIGH demand! He has grilled for parties, events, church socials, family outings and even for a school board meeting, where they all agreed they would only eat his food for future meetings.

-Dad is dedicated to his church and it's people. He is an extraordinary example of leadership in his church. I love going to the nursing home when it is his turn to sing and lead worship with them (they are the BEST audience, ever)! And, most of all, Dad loves Jesus and has fostered that love in me. He has given me an example of what a father should be, so that it is easy to compare his love for me to God's love, an earthly father to my heavenly Father. It makes God's love even more unfathomable, you know?

Most of all, my dad and I share such a special father/daughter relationship. He is truly my hero and he and my mother have worked so hard for my brother and me over the last almost 30 years. He has sacrificed time, money, and sleep, among other things, to give us the best childhood (and adulthood) a kid could ever dream of.



  1. Yes, Happy Birthday to Ray Dabney! You know I'm in total agreement. And he's more flexible than he'd like to let on also. Your Mom and Dad mean so much to me, too! I can't go very long without a long telephone call and I always wish your Mom was on her way over for a cup of coffee. Love, dp

  2. That was a very very sweet and meaningful post...It made me tear-up...it made me think of my relationship with my dad...and the relationship that I have with my kids and my kids with their daddy....steph

  3. Loved your post!! You are an awesome person and I know you have an awesome family. It's wonderful to hear about your relationship with your dad!

  4. Happy Birthday William Allister and Taco!!!

    I absolutely love you both, and can't wait to see you soon.

    I agree with EVERYthing Char said about you both. 100%.

    You men are grand, and a fine example to all you meet!

    All my love,


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