Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Best Part of Waking Up...

is Dunkin' Donuts in your cup! Okay, so Folgers would probably not be happy with that little ad lib but I just had to tell y'all about my new favorite cup o' joe! First of all, I have become a coffee addict of sorts. It's not that I have coffee all day; in fact the opposite is true. I wake up, get ready for work and when I get there the first thing I do is start a pot of coffee in our "lounge." I put quotes around that because it isn't actually the teacher's lounge. It is an office in the science lab that I and a few of my cohorts have turned into a mini-kitchen; we have a fridge, microwave, coffee pot, and snacks galore! It is heaven!

While we were in College Station in the Fall visiting friends, we were introduced to Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Wow! It is fantastic! I don't really know what it is that makes it so delectable, but I literally crave it while I'm driving to work and I am not a happy camper on days I don't have time for a cup; oh, who am I kidding, those days don't exist because I would scour the earth (or at least the main building at school), before I went without one!Every morning I enjoy a cup of coffee plus two Altern packets (Splenda for you high rollers) and about 1/8 c. of fat free half and half. Yep, I like me a morning milkshake, people!

Now, those of you thinking, "Wow, a Dunkin' Donuts in Childress, Texas?" just whoa that horsie up. No such, not ever, only in my dreams. However, the geniuses at DD have decided to market their "stuff" to local grocers, so visit your nearest Super Wal-Mart, HEB, Albertsons, etc...and you too can be starting your day off right!

Another recommendation for coffee is Folgers Cinnamon Swirl! We've been sippin' on this for the last week or so and it is a very close second to my love of DD. Oh, and I forgot to mention my suggestions on flavors from DD are Original Roast and Hazlenut. Both a sure bet.Saturday night was our Sunday school Christmas party. We always bring one nice gift and one gag. So, I thought the best gift would be to wrap up...or sack up, in my case...a bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and a nice travel mug. I even added a package of gourmet hot chocolate in case the crazy who picked my bag didnt' like coffee. Well, the person (ahem, man) who picked my bag opened it and announced to the whole room, "Coffee? I don't even drink coffee," (did he NOT see the hot chocolate, hello?). Anyway, his wife quickly said, "Yeah, but I do," and grabbed it from him. Whew. Glad someone has some common sense in that family! Please know this is all in jest because we love that family and love to give the hubby a hard time. He was just being himself and we all just laughed at him like we always do.

So, I hope you all have a chance to build a fire, curl up on the couch with a good book (or the remote, whatever floats your proverbial boat) and sip some hot Dunkin' Donuts joe!

I'd love to hear your favorite coffees and give them a try, so leave me a comment and give me some suggestions!

**UPDATE** Friday at work, I happened to pick up one of those peppermint candies that melts in your mouth. You know, the ones that come in big tubs at Sams or Costco? Anyway, I dropped one into my coffee and let it melt. It was DELICIOUS! Try it!


  1. That's what I'm drinking right now! Our stores started carrying DD coffee about a year ago, and I got some for us and for Dusty (Rhonda's husband, a fellow addict). We all loved it and have been drinking it ever since. I like the cinnamon flavor, but I can only find it ground already, and I like to use my burr grinder so it's extra fresh. Yum.

    Have you tried Stevia? It's a natural no-cal sweetener. I wonder if they even sell it down there...It's supposed to be better for you (since they're not really sure what Splenda does to the body, esp. long term).

    Okay, that was long. End of comment.

  2. hi. my name is suzanne. and i have an addiction....

    LOVED this post! we didn't start drinking coffee until we brought home 4 premature infants! now we are completely addicted! i'm excited to try your DD! we use folger's gourmet vanilla biscotti and LOVE it! (but, my one true guilty pleasure is Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte)...OMG! perfection! ;)

  3. HEB Taste of Texas; San Antonio Blend.... with REAL whipped cream (i know, terrible). mmmmmmm

  4. I LOVE DD coffee. !! I like it kind of strong, not the "I ruined it" strong, just a nice stiff cup of joe. So I use the dark roast. And the original roast. Not to much on the flavored kind. Strong and plain for me. And if I don't get it I will complain. Not very nice of me I know, it's more like I whine. My husband does not like it when I whine. Seriously I was just saying. Anyway, great subject to blog one.

    On another subject, I would love you to help me with my blog. Call, leave a message whatever it takes, I know you are one busy gal but I hear you're the best.


  5. My favorite, favorite way to drink coffee is with french vanilla(full fat) with a huge glob of homemade whip cream that my MIL makes with Mexican vanilla!! OMG! It makes me want it NOW!! BUT, I only do that on special occasions, so every morning I have a cup of Cinnabon Seatles Best(I HEART ARICA) with fat free(BOOOOO)french vanilla and a big spoonfull of Altern. It gets me through the day!!

    I loved this post! Too fun!

    Miss you. Do you still remember me??:)

  6. I love coffee too! Just wanted to say Hi and Merry Christmas!! I look at your blog all the time and never say Hi so I thought I am just going to take the plung today and de-lurk and say HI!!! have a great weekend!!

  7. Man I feel so left out...I just don't like coffee. I feel like such a "kid". Can't wait until Christmas!

  8. I like most coffees. My usual is Starbuck's French Roast or Starbuck's Caffee Verona (both bold coffee) I also like the Taste of San Antonio from HEB.I blend all of my coffee with decaf to create a lite blend. (better for my heart) Since the hubby doesn't like flavored coffee, all the extra flavoring goes in after it is brewed...... French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice... all are great. Suzanne, I too have an addiction- all day long, just limited caffeine after 2:00 pm. YUM.


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