Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Like to Move It, Move It!

As I was doing dishes, I was listening to my iPod through my cool speakers, something I do quite often. I decided as I was listening, I needed to revamp some playlists so I took a break from the washing and started perusing iTunes.

And my runnin' and/or workin' out friends, I found something SO cool! Some of you may have already stumbled upon this gem and just didn't share...shame on you...but I, for one, had not seen this on iTunes until today.

So, most of you reading this have probably heard of or own the Nike Plus. If not, basically it is a device you put in your shoe that helps calculate, record, play back, etc...your running stats.

So the peeps over at Nike Plus have put together a compilation of workout music for EVERY taste. Some of them are specifically for runners in training and have people like Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, and Jack Ingram (who knew he ran, too??) talking in your ear, coaching and training you as you go.

It is worth at least a glance, and who knows, you might find some new running/workout music while you're there.

Here's a pic of what it looks like from the iTunes homepage. Click on it to see a bigger image. See it there on the left, under More in Music? HAVE FUN and happy sweating!

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  1. so cool...I did not know that....cannot wait to give it a look!!


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