Friday, April 03, 2009

Don't Speak It

Well, friends...

Today has started off as "one of those days." My nature is to be pretty optimistic and cheerful. I find the glass half full 99% of the time.

But there are those days, like today, when the day just BEGINS on the wrong foot.

I am a co-sponsor of a group at the high school called Bobcat Stars. Basically, we take about 150 students from the high school (half of our student population at times), to the elementary school and they are assigned to a classroom to do character lessons and play games with the elementary students. The bitty kids LOVE it and our high school kids like to get out of 1st period once a month...HA!

So, part of my responsibilities, among other things, is to get the buses reserved, which is supposed to happen at least a week in advance. Being the responsible sponsor I am, I reserved buses for all of our visits to CES at the beginning of the year so I wouldn't have to think about it again and it worked...until this morning.

Today's visit was planned somewhat last minute, about 3 weeks ago, and guess what I didn't do? guessed it. In the shower this morning at 7:10, I realized I hadn't reserved the three buses we usually take! Oh, great! I was panicked. After a phone call and a bus-barn man who literally laughed on the other end of the phone (which I TOTALLY understood), we had two buses there and stuffed all the kids on to get them to CES.

Crisis averted.

Not quite.

We get there, things are going smoothly, but Mrs. Piper and I had to take our cars for a few stragglers who couldn't fit on the bus.

While we were there, I realize I have lost one of my "STAR" earrings and I was totally bummed.

We get ready to leave; kids load the buses, minus the ones we brought in our cars. Mrs. Piper loads hers up and leaves. I walk with mine to the car and start searching my keys.

I search the school, no keys. I call Donna, who's office I had been in at CES. No keys.

I call school and tell them what's up. Still no keys.

Kids are standing, waiting in the chilly morning air for ME to find my keys.

Finally, a call and Donna has found my keys! YAY!

I get to school 10 minutes into second period and my awesome 2nd period is just waiting patiently for me.

So, although the day has the potential to be bad, stressful, crazy. I will not speak it!


  1. Sorry your day didn't start out so great, but hey, it's Friday! Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  2. I just realized how much I have missed you. So great to read your post on a regular basis. Also, much appreciate the work it takes to post daily because I'm feeling the stress of it.

    oh well, such is life. good to be.

  3. I feel for you!! I hope you have a GREAT weekend!! :)

  4. I love that...don't speak it! The power of our mouths have over our feeling is amazing isn't it?

  5. I hate those days!!! Once it starts that way, unfortunately, it usually ends that way! I hope it turns around for you. It is Friday, after all!!

  6. Thanks for the laugh, Charla! I'm not sure that's quite what you intended, but the mental image of you and all those kids just cracked me up. And did I need a giggle!!! Enjoy the weekend!


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