Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Saturday of Summer

Today starts the first weekend of summer. Last night was graduation and it was bittersweet in some ways. These seniors were my first group of sophomores when I moved to C-town and they are leaving. There are some kids in the class of 2009 I'm really going to miss.

I was honored to be asked to present two scholarships last night. The first was for the Greenbelt Area TAMU club, so that was special. And yes, I did mention the FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE CLASS OF 2001!

The second scholarship was something I was able to choose myself and that was exciting. We were able to give $1000 to a student I really love, and whom I hope will go on to be successful in his endeavors. The best part: he had NO IDEA he was receiving the scholarship, so the look on his face was of complete shock and was priceless.

Today, my first official Saturday of summer I have big plans.

1.) 9:20 tee time with the girls! Yes, you read that right, another round of excited!

2.) Lunch with said girls.

3.) Pool time with at least one of the said girls (the pool at our new country club is finally opened and I'm excited to try it out).

4.) Nap

5.) The 3rd Annual Sausage Fest...hangin' out with friends, visiting, not thinking about school, eatin' some sausage, not thinking about school, and it's all for a good cause, RELAY FOR LIFE!

Hope your Saturday is as full and relaxing as I plan on mine being!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day!! Have a great summer!!

  2. yea, summer!!! hope to get to be a part of that next girls' golf!!!! :) hope to see you tonight...taking it hour by hour at this point!!!

  3. Hey I have an idea for tomorrow...
    go to church, eat some lunch, head to Levelland, watch the boys for your favorite sister-in-law while she lays in the pool...=) Ha!


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