Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Minus Two

Whelp. It's done. And it couldn't have gone better. Here's the run down, and it's not very exciting, so get ready.

We had to be there at 8:15 this morning, and my dentist is a half hour from us. So, we were up early and out the door. McH kept asking if I was nervous and as I said before, it never crossed my mind to be because I really like the dentist however weird that is.

And I love the drugs. I'll be honest.

So, I take the first pill as soon as I get there. I start getting a little drowsy and 30 minutes later I get the second. Within 10 minutes I'm feeling great and they take me back.

While I was "under" Dr. B filled a cavity they found at my teeth cleaning last week. Something I wasn't expecting was the cracking as they broke my teeth to get them out. Never knew they did that. I've seen pics of the teeth all whole and nasty, but I didn't have a need to see mine as I was leaving the office. Under normal circumstances I probably would have loved to see them, but I was seriously only thinking about getting in the car so I could go to sleep. HA!

I'm pretty sure they gave me gas as well as the conscious sedation unless I was getting oxygen for some reason.

Whatever the cocktail, it worked like a charm and I had a nice snooze. I don't even know how long it took, but McH said he thought it was about an hour.

As soon as we got home, I got in bed and was OUT until about 3:30 this afternoon.

My mouth has been sore and even hurt for a while until I could take my next pain pill.

So, I've spent the day eating ice cream, sleeping, watching television and sleeping some more!

Ah...how many teeth do you think I could spare?

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  1. You are a nut!! Glad it all went well.

  2. Sounds like a fun time. I love the gas when I get a dentist that will give me enough. Now if I just had some today! LOL Glad you are all thru..............you'll be as good as new and can eat whatever you want.

  3. You crack me up Silly Girl. How are you feeling today? I hope as positive and good as yesterday.
    Eat some ice cream for me. Even if it is the coffee kind.

    Wish I was there on the couch watching The Sound of Music, Top Gun, Steele Magnolias, Farris BDO, and The Goonies with you! That would be a day.
    Enjoy the couch time, and rest.
    Love you!

  4. HA! I've never heard a wisdom teeth story like that, you're lucky! Enjoy your meds!

  5. Seriously! I think they gave you too much happy juice a time or two, and it messed with your head! You are a nut! Glad it went well and hope the healing process is fast and easy! Enjoy the ice cream. That's my favorite part!

  6. I love the pain pills too! I say, take while you can!

    When I had oral surgery, every time I woke up I demanded pain pills. I was still out due to the amount of sedation medication I had and my sweet, loving husband, with the help of my first born child who tried me to the inth degree, conspired against me and gave me tic tacs and will not let me live down the fact that I took them just as if they were pain meds, smiled, sighed and fell right back to sleep.

    I seriously love pain meds when I hurt.

  7. Glad it went well! I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed almost 2 years ago. I had an IV to knock me out and I'm happening not knowing what happened! I still don't know how I got out of the room where they pulled the teeth, to the recovery room! I was glad I had good meds too!

  8. Hoping you are feeling much better today! Sleep is the miracle worker...


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