Friday, August 28, 2009

A Few Decades Earlier...

See the blondie with the fiddle in her hand?  In my dream life, that's me!  I have always wanted to play the fiddle (or banjo as a second option) in a bluegrass band.  Even if I just got to play on weekends at local weddings or fundraisers; even if only a handful of people ever showed up to hear us, I would be happy.  I wanted to be the fourth Dixie Chick, too.  

Aaaaahhhhh...back to reality. 

I've always felt I wasn't born in the right decade, musically speaking.  

I would say I have quite a varied taste in music, and there have certainly been times when I've really been into the latest releases.  There have also been those times when I've only pretended to like the "cool" stuff, because I had to or I would NOT be so "cool."  So, I became a PMV (popular music victim)...and I'm absolutely going to say that is a real term and absolutely not something I just made up as I was typing this post...and listened to some mindless tunes I probably secretly detested, but would never have admitted to my best girlfriends who were jammin' in their side-ponies with scrunchies, and MC Hammer pants with Keds.  And then there was me, right alongside them, in my matching "cowgirl" jeans and jacket and pearl boots.  Yes, I said pearl.  And yes, those were some VERY loyal friends.  

I will say my taste in music has certainly been influenced by my family.  I am comfortable saying, because you know my intentions, we are all fairly musically inclined; we have talents for singing, piano, guitar, even a little ukulele.

Some of my most precious memories are of family reunions (my dad is one of 9 kids, so there are LOTS of us) sitting around the great room in the cabin we had rented and singing some of the old favorites like Danny Boy,  Stewball, Tom Dooley, Shenandoah, Streets of Laredo, You Are My Sunshine, and many many more, but you get the idea.  

So, from a very young age, I was aware of songs absolutely none of my friends knew of, much less enjoyed.  

So what attracts us to the music we like?  Well, for me it has to move me and make me feel something.  The lyrics are definitely important in both content and rhythm.  And most of all, I think we are attracted to certain songs that speak to us at certain times in our lives.  

If I had to choose my top 5 people/groups I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, they would be:

1.) James Taylor (absolute NUMBER ONE)
2.) Eva Cassidy
3.) Alison Krauss
4.) Willie Nelson
5.) Anne Murray

The rest of these are groups I LOVE almost as much (but I could only have FIVE in my top FIVE)!  

-Nickel Creek
-Roy Orbison
-Emmylou Harris
-Jennifer Knapp
-The Eagles
-Jimmy Buffett
-The Bee Gee's
-Ricky Skaggs
-Marty Stuart
-Sam Cooke
-Michael Buble
-Miranda Lambert
-Patty Griffin
-Roberta Flack
-Linda Rondstadt
-Sara Evans
-Carrie Underwood
-Def Lepard
-Sheryl Crow
-Tom Petty 
-Trisha Yearwood
-Patty Loveless
-Zac Brown Band
-Suzy Bogguss

-When I saw Corrie's list, I thought, how did I not remember Norah Jones?  

-Cannot BELIEVE I didn't put The Judds on my original list!  They might have to be tied with another of my top 5!  

Those are the ones I can think of now, but I know there are many more that I'll probably say, "Dang it, I can't believe I left him/her off!" about later, and have to revise and edit this post for. 

I can't imagine there are people on this earth who might actually not enjoy music?   Can you?  

What are some of your favorites you just have to listen to on a consistent basis?  I'd love to hear about them and maybe even find a new favorite for myself!  

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  1. I LOVE Anne Murray! I always thought that her "Could I Have This Dance" would be the 1st dance at my wedding, but it just wasn't a good fit for my husband and I. I'm going to have to pull her up on my ipod now!

  2. I have a Nickel Creek CD. I think they are great. I've never been one to really follow the crowd with popular music. I can't even name that artist to the 80's ballads. Lane thinks it is sad. I wasn't into radio/music during those days. I'd just play outside. I think Mom usually had country on..which is why it is my favorite. In the 6th grade I didn't own anything NKOTB...not a cassette, beach town, or T-shirt. I didn't even know their music...does that make you feel better :)

  3. Ryan has taught me to love and appreciate people who write their own music, play and perform their own music so that infuluences my (short) list of faves...
    -Norah Jones (all time favorite!)
    -Sheryl Crow
    -Pat Green
    -The Beatles

  4. Darlin' you almost didn't have any choice in your top 5. They were the music Dad and I were listening to even before you knew what you were hearing..... great stuff!!! There is just something very soothing about their ballads. I never get tired of them.

  5. Okay my top 10
    1. Hillsong
    2. Sugarland
    3. Taylor Swift
    4. Bellamy Brothers
    5. The Judds
    6. Alabama
    7. Dan Seals
    8. George
    9. Selah
    10. Third Day
    Okay - gotta be honest, I don't think I know one James Taylor or Eva Cassidy song...I guess I need to "get out" more =)

  6. I'd sure have James Taylor in my top 5, along with Jack Johnson. I really don't know who the other country groups are you mentioned. I'd probably have to include some classic rock. :)

  7. I never knew other people my age loved Anne Murray, lol. Love your list. I'd have too add Cher, Bette Midler, Rosemary Clooney. Reba is my all time fave.


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