Saturday, August 15, 2009

Such a Pain in the Rear!

Hey there, friends! First off, I have to make a confession. I just got out of bed about half an hour ago. Eek. But before you start to JUDGE me, hear me out.

Last night we were able to join some friends in Amarillo for dinner and a Reckless Kelly performance to celebrate one of their birthdays. We rode with some of our good friends, and met everyone at On the Border for dinner. Of course it was delish and we had some great visiting with new and old friends. Richard even got to visit with his good friend, Todd, who he lived with while he was at A&M. There were many, many snickers coming from the two of them and I imagine most of them I wouldn't have wanted to know about.

Yesterday was also a big day because I was to take my first shot of progesterone oil. This shot is a big 'un, to put it lightly and the worst part of it is the oil itself is really thick. Plus you have to put it in the upper part of your bum so I knew I would need assistance. Oh, and strangely enough I never knew Richard was not so keen on needles. Almost seven years of marriage and I'm just finding this out. Huh.

So, we were leaving C-town around 5:00 and my homegirl, PSteedy, whom I had planned on administering these daily shots for what will hopefully be the next 10-12 weeks, was on her way back to town so she was out of commission for the job, too.

I'd heard about who might be joining our group last night and one of them included a very pregnant (7+ months) nurse practitioner friend of ours, LR. So, I stocked my purse with all the needed supplies and headed out thinking LR had no idea she would be playing doctor last night.
As soon as we got to OTB, I sought her out and asked her if she wouldn't mind doing the honors and of course, she was happy to oblige. I knew she would be. That's just how she rolls.

So, after dinner and before we headed to Midnight Rodeo for Reckless Kelly, the two of us headed to the bathroom.

She wipes down the counter, puts down a paper towel, and I give her the syringes, needles, and oil. I wish I'd had a camera to capture the moment. Imagine walking in to the OTB bathroom, and seeing a pregnant woman and her friend, standing at the bathroom sink with needles, syringes and a bottle full of something you don't quite recognize. The looks on these people's faces was priceless as she explained, "so you draw it in and then just tap it with your finger because you don't want any air bubbles."

Then, we head into the handicapped stall, and she starts telling me all about the meds, and how to determine where they will go. She says, "okay, pull your pants down and I'll show you," and I do so, totally engrossed in the process. She gets the shot done and it hurts much less than I thought it would. She warns me it will be very sore later, and BOY was she not kidding! Yowsers.

But the best part was when she was finished and my pants were back up in their proper place, we open the door to come out and someone is waiting for the stall and LR looks right at her, and says, "oh, I'm just giving her a shot," to which the girl says, "Oh, you're fine," in that kind of uncomfortable, 'I don't know what to say, so I'll act like all is totally cool' tone.

I just laughed and hoped this is how my life would play out for the next 12 weeks.

The concert was fun and I laughed and danced and just had a good time.

I drove home and did so in a TORRENTIAL downpour. It was raining so hard, there were a few times I couldn't see the stripes in the highway.

But, we FINALLY made it home just after 3 a.m. and McHotterson and I were in bed by 3:30.

All in all, a great night of which I only have a sore bum to complain of.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm rolling on the floor! How hilarious! I can only imagine what the other restaurant patrons must have been thinking. I don't know what I'd do if I walked in on that. Hysterical! =)

    This is going to make a great story to tell for years to come.

  2. that really is hilarious. you have the best attitude! thinking of you every day.


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