Friday, September 11, 2009

On the Road Again

Yep, that was us. Yesterday we headed to Lubbock again for another Dr.'s appointment with Dr. D. It went well and several of our questions were answered concerning our next steps in our treatment process.

We're trying one more thing before we move on to In-Vitro Fertilization, so keep the prayers coming that it is successful and that God would bless us with a baby in our efforts.

Labor Day we were able to spend with my parents in Uvalde and Montell (on the Nueces River). Every year on Labor Day weekend, for the last 30+ years, there has been a horseshoe pitching contest at the Edwards' place in Montell. It is a great time with great food, and lots of visiting.

It's FRIDAY and I am ready for the weekend and some R&R!

Waiting on Him,
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  1. Praying for you, chickadee! I have a book you might want to read, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". If you'd like to borrow it, let me know!

  2. Hope you are abundantly blessed, beyond measure.

  3. Janet, I have that book and have read it cover to cover MANY times! LOL! Thanks for the offer!

  4. Good! I was amazed by all the stuff I learned! I offer it up to anybody! haha!!! Don't you think every highschool girl should read it? LOL


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