Friday, September 11, 2009

This Is So Cool!!

Although I no longer watch Oprah on a regular basis, I HAD to DVR the kickoff party episode because my all-time favorite, James Taylor was singing! So when I got home from school today I was excited to play it back and see which song he had chosen to perform as a sing-a-long with the crowd (it was How Sweet It Is).

What I didn't expect was the AMAZING performance by The Black-Eyed Peas, which actually had little to do with their actual performance (although I LOVE their new song I Gotta's so upbeat and positive and a great way to start every day)!

Anyway, while they were singing, this happened. Check out the girl in the very front by the stage; at first I think she's just a little over-zealous fan, but watch what happens.

So COOL!!!

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  1. That was really cool! My SIL got married about a month ago and that song played over and over on the party bus and was the bridal party dance to kick off the dancing for the night! Too bad we didn't coordinate a dance for it too!

  2. That's so stinkin' cool!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Alicia called me yesterday to tell me about that, but it was too late to dvr it - I'm so glad you posted this!!! How cool!

  4. That is so cool, you got that right sister.

  5. that's amazing! those tmobile ads (or some of them) were done here in london...but i never hear about it until after the fact!! would be a sight to see i'm sure!

  6. That was soooo awesome! I am so glad you posted this!


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