Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Prayers for Sharon!!!

(this was taken at a wig party Sharon hosted at her house...see that smile? I can't wait to see that again!)

What I have heard through texts is the doctors are trying to get Sharon off the ventilator today. Her fever is coming down, which is a very good sign. Keep the prayers coming. Those of you who don't know, Sharon is a wife, and a mother of two young boys, Jack and Sutton. She owns a business in town and is very involved and active in Childress. So, whatever time she is out, she is sorely missed by all who are so used to her presence! Sharon is a giver, which is why so many are giving of their time and prayers for her and her family! She is precious and we all can't wait for her to be back to her bubbly, energetic, loving self! Keep those prayers coming...they are WORKING!!!

Sharon made it through surgery. She has a very, very serious infection in her abdomen that has spread. She is on a ventilator/respirator still and will be in ICU for 3-4 more days. They had to remove 6 inches of her intestine (not sure which one, but I think the large). She is still in a dangerous place, but is stable, praise God! We had a city-wide prayer meeting last night for her in front of the store she owns in town. It was SO powerful and amazing and I left there with such a sense of peace and calm, just knowing God was working in her life and healing her body! I've heard others say the same thing. I'm so very thankful to live in a town where people still understand the power of prayer and that He is a living God who listens when we petition to Him. Thank you all so much for praying for Sharon and her family. Continue to do so. They have a long road of recovery and still have to learn what all might be going on in her body.

You all are so dear to me! Happy Wednesday!

My dear friend, Sharon has been taken into surgery very unexpectedly. She has a severe infection the doctors are calling life threatening! Please stop RIGHT NOW, if you would, and pray for her and for her husband, two small boys, and family! Pray for doctor's precision, for peace for the family, and for complete HEALING for Sharon! Thank you, friends! I love you all bunches and bunches!

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  1. Thank you for allowing us to visit your classroom today. It was very informative. I loved it. I appreciate you showing me the two software programs that you use. I want them now!! Your blog is adorable. amy kirkland

  2. Aaron and I are both praying. Keep us posted so we know how to keep praying. Hope things go allright.

  3. I'll be praying for Sharon and her family, and for you as well.

  4. I just dropped in to check on Sharon. Miss you.

  5. Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how she is doing. (you can ignore the text I sent you earlier) It sounds like things are still scary, but at least looking up. God is good!


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