Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing... always a good thing if it has anything to do with shoes!  Can I get an Amen, girls?  Oh yeah!

Last year I decided I would purchase my first pair of tall boots.  Boy, am I glad I took the plunge because I wear them ALL the time in the Winter months.  I love to wear them with tights and a dress.  They are comfy and most importantly, keep my legs nice and toasty during these nasty, cold winters in the Texas Panhandle.

I really took my time and used a few criteria for my search:

1.) They had to be reasonably priced (if I can't get a good deal, then what's the point, really)
2.) I chose to buy black first because I have more I can wear them with
3.) I wanted a heal, but NOT stiletto or chunky...somewhere between the two
4.) I wanted a less pointy toe
5.) they had to be of decent quality so I wouldn't be buying a new pair to replace them the next year. 

I searched and searched and found these, which I've LOVED.

They fit perfectly, are surprisingly comfortable, and I got them for LESS THAN $50!!!  WOO HOO. 

So, for the past year, I've really wanted to add a brown pair to my shoe repertoire.  I went back to, and guess what?  They have the SAME boot I bought last year, in BROWN!  So, of course, you know what I did.  Yep.  They're on their way to me.

To: Me
Merry Christmas!  
Love: Me

UPDATE:  I found another pair of brown that are beautiful, so I just HAD to order them, too.  They met all of my criteria and I will just return the ones I like the least.

What do you think?  Which do you like better? 

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  1. I think that your taste in boots is almost exactly like mine! I initially felt the same way about pointy toes, but after finding a great pair at a great price last year, I've accepted them. I admit that I'm not the dress type, but I love them under jeans (or slacks at work).

  2. horray for tall boots!!! i hadn't bought new boots since 2004 until this fall! i love both of your pics---but in love with that last pair of browns! good choice!!! merry christmas to YOU, hot stuff! ;)

  3. You are so funny! I haven't been brave enough to sport any tall boots!

  4. I am so glad you posted about these boots. I have been looking for some new tall boots, and I am going to buy both colors tonight!! :)

  5. I am in love with tall boots, and have now gotten a great pair to wear over my jeans that look a bit like the 2nd brown pair here (of which get my vote - i like the round toe on them).

    I also got a pair of slouchy flat suede boots, that are so fun and casual!

    Go boots!

  6. I love the 2nd pair! The first is adorable in black, but the 2nd in brown are awesome...but you might have to try them on to be sure. I bought some slouchy, flat suede boots in black that I love (Will, not so much) but I can't find jeans to wear them with - I'm on the hunt for some straight leg, cute jeans that are NOT skinny jeans...might have to shop in Dallas!

  7. I like the brown second pair but not 'pointier' than that.

  8. My vote is for the second pair based on looks alone, but they look like they may have a little bit of a higher heal than the other pair, so I would check that our first. Can't wait to see y'all soon!!

  9. You may have inspired me! I've been looking for a pair of brown but didn't want to pay a hundred buckaroos for them. Are the 2nd brown ones from JCP too?


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