Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Glass Castle by: Jeannette Walls

I recently read this book...

on my new Kindle and I LOVED it!  If you haven't read this, it is a must read; one of those "I don't want to...feed the kids, pay the electricity bill, take a shower, etc...because it will take away from precious reading time.  **Note...please feed your children and if you actually choose not to, please do not blame it on my blog!**

Anywho...I was at the gym yesterday for the SECOND time.  Yes, meaning I had already been once in the morning with McHotterson for a little lower-body workout.  And then went again, as I had originally planned, to get my hiney kicked by Mrs. S. Tucker, a.k.a. The Fitness Nazi.  

I went to aerobics after not having been in the gym in, oh, let's see, about 5 months.  Uh hum.  I saw an acquaintance there Monday morning who was mortified because she hadn't been since before Thanksgiving, at which I replied with a friendly, unassuming smile and said something to the effect of, "Oh, man.  Me too.  It's gonna be tough!"  This timeline is only accurate if I celebrated Thanksgiving in a country who's calendar is exactly opposite of ours.  Sheesh.

So, I was talking about the book above with my new friend, Janet, whom I hope to get to know better.  She's a sweetie and a cutie and a READER, and much better at aerobics than I.  She asked how I was liking my Kindle.  I told her I just finished the book above and we visited.  She asked if I had bought anything else yet.  To which I replied that I had to finish all the books on my nightstand (actual books, not on the Kindle) before I purchased any others to read on the Kindle. 

So, back to the book...Jeannette Walls writes about her life growing up with crazy, hippie, whimsical, shiftless and often negligent parents.  They are constantly on the move, running from bill collectors, but also from who her father swears are the mob.  Although it is a true story, it truly reads like a work of fiction.  I read it in two days and was a bit moody when the story was over because I wanted to know more!  

HOWEVER, she has a second novel that isn't quite a sequel, but more of an elaboration on the first.  It is called Half-Broke Horses: A True Novel, and is about her maternal grandmother, another memoir.  I can't wait to download it.

For now, however, I am starting "A Little Bit Wicked" by Kristin Chenoweth (who plays Galinda the Good Witch in the Broadway hit, Wicked and has been in other television shows and movies).

There's just nothing like a good book, you know?  I would LOVE to hear of your book suggestions.  I've been devouring them more than usual, so I need some to keep in the back of my mind for later.  Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Hi cowgirl :), I haven't talked to you in forever. My honey and I were going to order ourselves the kindle for Christmas, we still are just haven't gotten around to it yet. I love your book reports, sounds like an interesting read, I will have to check it out.

    See ya, hope everything is going well for you.

    Oh yea, is there a class at that gym you go to that will handle someone who hasn't been to the gym since Thanksgiving 1992?

  2. A must read it "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. You will love it.

  3. Watch out with that Kindle...Matt scrolled down to subscribe to blog 'joke of the day' and went one click too far. Let's just say that he freaked out, mentioned what he had done, and had everyone rolling on the floor in laughter. Luckily he figured out how to get rid of it...

  4. haha! Seriously...watch me when we do Yoga...I'm NOT GOOD at Yoga! I can't wait to read that book!!!! See you at GNO...I mean "book club"! haha!!

  5. I am reading The Time Travelers Wife and it is really good.

  6. Okay, I do see a small problem with the Kindle. I can't say, "Hey, The Glass Castle sounds awesome! Mail it to me so I can read it!" I'm just saying, that it might inhibit the sharing and passing around of books! :) It does sound cool though! And I do wish I could read The Glass Castle because it sounds cool too! :)
    Did you read Adriana's new book (as of last February) called "Very Valentine"? She also put out a YA novel in September'ish called "Viola in Reel Life". Both are fantastic. The sequel to "Very Valentine" is coming out in February, so it will be a must-read too! Woo-hoo! I love to read!

  7. I just bought the audiobook version of Chenoweth's memoir. I love love love her! I like to listen to audiobooks while I drive and walk around campus (UT is BIG!).


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