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SHOW US HOW YOU LIVE-New Year's Resolutions

I've read Kelly's Korner for a while now, but haven't ever participated in the SHOW US HOW YOU LIVE series.  I decided I was going to try it out, and what better time to begin than at the beginning (of a new year)?

If you would like to participate, head on over HERE

resolution |ˌrezəˈloō sh ən|
1 a firm decision to do or not to do something : she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more | a New Year's resolution.
• a formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body, committee, or other formal meeting, typically after taking a vote : the conference passed two resolutions.
• the quality of being determined or resolute : he handled the last French actions of the war with resolution.

I haven't really been one for resolutions in the past.  I don't really know why; maybe I think it's kind of like making a plan that isn't really yours to make, or something? 

Anyway, I am a goal-setter and I figured a resolution is pretty much like a goal, so here goes. 

1.) I want to learn more in God's word and delve DEEPER than I have in the past. I have already started this process, but I really hope to just get better and better at it during this year.  I am going to get a New Inductive Study Bible because I've always been a notetaker and need to write things out to make them really stick with me.  The Inductive Bible Study series is done by Kay Arthur.  I'm so excited about getting into God's word in a more meaningful way.

2.) McHotterson and I have decided it is time to make healthy living an every day thing.  So, as of last Saturday, we've been at the gym in the mornings and have started eating better again.  I've already lost 3 pounds, which is GREAT and the motivation I need.  However, we have decided we are not doing this to lose weight, although that is the immediate benefit.  We want to make this long-term.  It is important to me that WHEN I am pregnant, I am in the best shape possible for both the baby's benefit and mine.  Also, I am going to Peru in June/July, and we will be doing a lot of walking and possibly physical labor, so being in better cardiovascular shape will be ideal. 

3.) I have promised myself and McH I am going to be a better wife as far as household duties are concerned.  I am not great about fixing dinner every night (or even the majority of nights, for that matter), and I'm known to leave clean clothes on the dining room table for days and the refrigerator empty even longer.  I'm not saying I am trying to be perfect, just better.  I know this means a lot to McH, although he doesn't say anything to me about it.  It's just his personality.  He's tidy.  Me?  Not so much.  Clean, yes.  Tidy?  Well...

4.) I want to be better about calling my friends and family more regularly.  I am NOT a phone person at all, and I've always had the attitude that people will either accept that about me, or not.  I don't mind being on the phone per se, but I don't like long conversations, and would rather just email sometimes than have to communicate via the phone.  Face-to-face is even better.  But what I've discovered is I really need to change this part of me, as hard as that is to say.  I want to be better at it, I really do.  So, I've decided this is the year for it.

5.) I want to read more books.  I read quite a bit as it is, but I want to read for pleasure more often. 

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  1. Love the last two posts. Honesty and two favorite things. I had a great time this weekend...and if you need anybody to call for that last "goal"- you know my number!
    Love ya!


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