Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Throw Another Log On!

Look what's headed our way!  Here's an article from  YOWSERS!  You know it could be serious when the principal sends out an email with the call tree attached, "just in case." 

I don't particularly like the words, "dangerous" and "storm" used in the same sentence.  After 3 tornadoes in the first 3+ years we've been here, I'll stay with "safe" and "calm," thank you, very much!

Notice the paragraph that mentions I-44 from Missouri to Wichita Falls, Texas?  Yup.  That's pretty much us.  

So, today when I went home for lunch, my ever-resourceful, engineer-of-a-husband had taken off a little early for lunch and loaded up on firewood in preparation.  

And that's how you do it in the Texas Panhandle, where "rain will increase in intensity...with a wintry mix..."  

Here's to a POSSIBLE day off from school, curling up by the fire with McH, the pups and a good book!  

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  1. You are so lucky-day off, fire, wintry mix! I am pretty sure we'll NEVER see a wintry mix here at the opposite end of Texas. Enjoy your cozy fire!

  2. Laura, we don't have the day off YET, I just meant I HOPE we get one! :)

  3. I don't have a fireplace, can I come cozy up with you guys and the puppies?? LOL!!

  4. We're praying for early out Thursday and late start Friday... (so we won't loose our "snow day" at Easter! PR (husband is the "bus man") just knows we'll be off Friday... we'll see, huh! LOVE a cozy fire with the fam!

  5. I almost got stuck at work for a few days in the Christmas Eve Blizzard of '09, so hopefully this won't be quite as bad. WF is on the bottom edge of the storm. Stay cozy and warm!

  6. Oooh!! Hoping you get that cozy day by the fire tomorrow!! There's nothing better than a cold dreary day, a fire, a good book and the man you love! I'll cross my fingers for ya!!

  7. I heard the weather report yesterday and thought of you. Are you surviving the storms okay? I'd send the Arizona sunshine your way...but it's raining here as well. Take care!


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