Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Storm 2010, etc...

Obviously the weather prediction in my previous post was right on.  We've been out of school the last two days and I have to say, even though I know we will have to use a bad weather day to make it up, I needed a four-day weekend!  So, I've loved it!  I've relaxed, built a fire, cuddled with the pups (and McHotterson while he's not doing his TXDOT engineer duties and saving the lives of stranded strangers in a single bound).  I finally cut up a bunch of veggies and fruit I've had in the fridge and put them in the new Rubbermaid Lock-Its (they're way cool), I bought at Wally World the other day.

I've also been on Facebook, reading blogs, and sleeping.  Told ya I needed the day(s) off.

Here are some pics from Ice Storm 2010:

The temperature gauge about 3:00 p.m.; it feels colder. 

The sad...and it looks even worse now.  The ice is just too heavy for the limbs and every once in a while you'll hear a "SNAP" and there's another branch down.

Branches heavy with ice. 
ABOVE:  The tree that normally hangs over our driveway a bit was so heavy with ice yesterday it was touching the ground.  Mid-afternoon I heard a huge POP and went out to find the tree had completely broken off and is now in our driveway, blocking my exit from the garage.  

BELOW:  My view from the couch.  Rough, huh?  

And these shaggy girls aren't sure what to do with all the ice, but they sure are cute, aren't they? 
Sadie girl looking pretty.  She's turning into such a great dog!
ABOVE:  We had to get on to Sadie the other night for chewing on my running shoe.  A few minutes later we looked everywhere for her.  When we finally found her, she had made a bed out of the toy basket and was sulking.  Too funny.  I finally bought her a new bed so she has a place to lay other than on top of all the dog toys.  

I've already posted about this, so I won't say much about it.  Here are some pics from our trip to Dallas last weekend.  Somehow I got no pictures of myself with Sally or with McH.  Darn it. 

 Playing shuffleboard
My BFF, Sally (L) and Amanda.  
Dinner Saturday night was DELICIOUS!  Chicken wings and brats, tossed salad...

fresh asparagus...

satueed mushrooms...

And here's the full spread...

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  1. Your fireplace and mantle are absolutely beautiful! Stay warm!

  2. Glad you got a couple of extra days! It stinks a little when summer comes, but I do love a good snow day!

  3. Your sad!! We had little ice, but 13+ inches of snow. I hate that your big beautiful tree BROKE...I love trees and we have none!!! Anyway, like you...I so needed the 4 day weekend. I know I will miss it down the road, but sure enjoyed it this week.


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