Monday, February 08, 2010

In the Form of Headlines

It seems lately I've been going ninety-to-nothin' without so much as time to sit and take it all in.  Let me fill you in on the goings on and the things that WILL be going on, that keep my head spinning lately.  I've got the proverbial "irons-in-the-fire" syndrome, and I can't seem to get any of them out.  

-Family Adjusts to New Puppy: Mom Wishing for More Sleep!

-Bad Weather Forces School Closures in Texas Panhandle

-English/Language Arts TAKS Test Fast Approaching: 18 Days and Counting

-Applying for Passport Renewal: Is It Worth the Pain?

-Frozen Trees Wreak Havoc in Yards Across Town

-Husbands Forced To Spend Nights Checking Roads Because of Bad Weather

-Mrs. J Organizes UIL Practice Meet to Canadian

-Mrs. J Organizes GT Trip to Dallas

-Teachers Prepare for 3-Day Trip to Austin This Week

-Parent Day Preparation Continues at CHS, Slated for 2/9/2010

-The Cowgirl Plans Baby Shower for Good Friends

-Plans for Emmaus Team Meeting Halted

-The Cowgirl and McH Continue Diet and Workout Regimen: He's Lost 15, She's Lost 5

-Couple Plan IVF for Summer

-The Cowgirl Makes Plans for June trip to Peru

-Mrs. J Presents Blogging Info to School Board

-Mrs. J Continues GED Classes:  There Goes Tuesday Nights

-The Cowgirl Begins Weekly Spanish Lessons:  Muy Bueno!

-Couple Attempts to Make Eye Contact At Least Once A Day

I know there's more, I'm just so tired I can't think of them right now.  So, here's hoping for a day WITHOUT headlines.  Although as I type, the snow is falling so hard outside of my classroom window, I'm afraid we're in for some drama today.  
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  1. Love your headlines!! What a great way to fill us in busy lady :)

  2. Great post!! Love the headlines...very creative. Makes me tired just thinking about all you have to do! Good luck!! And I know those good friends you are planning the baby shower for are so very appreciative!

  3. Love headlines! You have been a busy gal!

  4. I love the headlines. Wish I were seeing, Mrs. J takes time to have a massage, breathe deeply, longinly stare into space for 3 minutes, or go to Amarillo to shop with Donna. Okay?

  5. YES - the passport is worth the pain! You don't want to be permanently stuck in the U.S., and the Cowgirl is going to Peru!

    And it's snowing again??

  6. Yay! So much going on, and what a fun time! I like the going's on of the summer! eek. Can't wait!
    Love and miss you - have a good night and say hi to Rich.
    Since it's the new year aren't you technically allowed to start an end of school countdown or something?! I am counting the days until Monday - the first vacay day this year for our work schedule.

    Can't wait to see how the kiddos like the Dallas museum trip!
    Talk soon!

  7. Now that sounds like the Charla I know and love!! You would not be happy if you didn't have at least 10 things going on at once!! Ok, maybe you would be happy, but you wouldn't know what to do with yourself!!

  8. well, aren't you creative? and BUSY. sheesh, woman.

  9. Charla, you are so much fun! You do have a lot going on right now! I'll be praying for you as you juggle everything. :)


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