Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How May I Help YOU? Part 1

 *DISCLAIMER:  I'm already anticipating some of the comments I might receive on this post, so I want to say first and foremost that in no way do McH and I believe this program itself is what will achieve pregnancy for us.  If we do get pregnant after using this program, we will give ALL GLORY AND HONOR AND PRAISE right where it belongs, to the MIGHTY GOD we serve and to Jesus his son.  We give him praise in the valleys and on the mountains and truly try our very best to live a James 1 kind of life.  And, through this journey, we have also learned that medicine, infertility treatments, and other interventions are to be considered blessings, not evils.  After prayer, there have been times we have decided to not try certain interventions, and likewise have felt God's directions to pursue others.  That being said, please do not leave comments like, "If you had enough faith and/or believed more, you wouldn't have to use medicine and you would be pregnant."  We've heard THAT before (amazing, huh?), and it just isn't productive, or true.  Okay, so now that we're all clear, I will continue!

Any time I deal with customer service, I can tell immediately if I will be a returning customer.  I have to tell you about the BEST customer service experience I've EVER had and it is actually not even completed yet.

As you know, a large part of this blog is dedicated to talking about our journey through infertility.  A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a reference to a website called Circle + Bloom.

Here is how they describe themselves:

Taking 15 minutes for yourself each day, in the privacy of your own home, you can reduce the negative effects of stress and direct your body with your mind to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Our program demystifies the idea of implementing both stress reduction and mind + body techniques to improve fertility. We’ve done the research for you and created a powerful regimen using relaxation techniques and daily guided visualizations that track the changes happening in your body on a monthly basis.

As most of you know, we are gearing up for IVF this summer, and I know my body is completely stressed out.  So, not only was I thinking this could help my fertility, but I thought it could help my mind/body relaxation overall.

I downloaded the free introduction sample and was happily impressed.

Yesterday, after fighting knots in my shoulders for the last two weeks, I decided I would finally purchase the program, download it, and put it on my iPod to start listening to tonight.

Circle + Bloom is unique in that each day of the 28-day program focuses on a different day of your reproductive cycle.  So, if you are in day 23, for example, you would start listening to Track 23 as it focuses on what your body is doing at that particular time.

Okay, I know it sounds a little out-of-the-box, but trust me, once you get to 4 years of infertility you will pretty much try anything as long as it doesn't involve sacrilege or any major crime (and MOST minor ones...JUST KIDDING) and is healthy.

I purchased the program, put it on my iPod and last night went to bed excited about trying it.  The first 8-10 minutes of the 15-minute program were awesome.  I was starting to relax and really seeing the benefits.

But then...there was a reference made to "mother earth," which I thought was a little strange, and not really my kind of thing; I decided to keep listening to see if maybe it was just a one-time occurrence.

Nope.  The voice continued to refer to mother earth and even went as far as calling her, "the breath of the wind," and "the creator of all animals," among other things.  The voice instructed you to be grateful and thankful, but in the beginning didn't address anyone/anything specifically to be grateful/thankful to, so each time it would give that instruction, I would think, "Thank you, Jesus" or, "Thank you, Lord."  But when she started instructing me to thank mother nature, well... 

That's when I was through.  I ended up being just as tense when the session was over, as when I started it, and I was really disappointed.  I looked over at McH and said, "Well, that's going back tomorrow. "

He asked why and I explained the situation; just as I knew he would, he absolutely agreed.

As a Christian I just cannot meditate on the idea that mother nature is the all-powerful creator.  I can't relax when that is being piped into my ears, my heart, my mind.  That may sound a little overprotective to some of you, or some might be thinking I'm overreacting and making a bigger deal out of it than it is.  But satan uses every opportunity he can, to slip through the smallest chink in our spiritual armor.

One of the easiest places to do this, is in our hearts, as seen in scripture:

Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"  


Proverbs 4:23 says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

Doesn't it make sense that our hearts, being deceitful, should be guarded 'above all else'?

So, without even listening to any of the other tracks to see what they were like, I set my iPod on my side table and went to sleep, determined to return it the next morning (today).
You are probably wondering what any of this has to do with customer service.



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  1. I would try just about anything myself. I even got tested for sperm allergies once (and was reversed), but that's another story. Thanks for the insider info on this program. I never heard of it but I have heard of a lot of other types of "remedies" and I always wonder if they really work. Good to know about the mother earth thing bc that would bother me, too. Looking forward to the next post.

  2. I'll keep you two in my prayers! I won't be a naysayer either; if I had to deal with infertility I think I would be open to anything legal and moral!

  3. oh no you didn' could you leave us hanging like that!?! :)

    can't wait to hear 'the rest of the story'

  4. oh yeah, and i am concerned about you, too.....

    now, back to me.... ;)

    love you!!!!!!

  5. I can't wait to hear the rest. I agree. Satan totally uses any little chinks in our armor to start penetrating our hearts and mind.

  6. awww a cliff hanger..... I'm praying for you friend....


  7. Oh man....this sounded like something right up my alley until the Mother Nature stuff...Darn it!!! I am a yoga freak and love what it does for my mind and body. My mom and I have a little joke though when they say "Namaste" at the end of class. We like to say "Yahweh" back :) My dad says "Your Mama say." We are goofy but love our yoga!

  8. I would so click the "like" button if blogger had one! Love you and love your posts! Can't wait for the rest of the story!:)

  9. I completely believe that stress can effect your infertility. You are so fortunate to live in a world with great science (which was created by God) and great doctors (also created by God). But there are times you have to listen to your own heart, your won body. Do whatever it takes to put you at peace with your infertility. You make the decisions with guidance from above and ALL will be ok!!! Hang in there, girl!


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