Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Who gets sore from playing the Wii?  Pff, that's ridiculous, right?  Er...wait, that would be me.

Saturday McHotterson and I were visiting with his brother and sister-in-law and our nephews.  They got a Wii for Christmas and because McH and I don't have one, we love to play theirs when we can.

We worked on the Wii Sports, playing all at least once, but by Saturday night we still hadn't tried boxing.  I thought it might be fun and a good way to get my heartrate up, seeing how I'd spent most of the weekend up to that point either sitting in a car or sleeping.

I have to say, the boxing was so much fun!  This is probably because I ended up SPANKIN' the McH, winning 5 out of the 6 matches we played.  Yes, six people.

My best move was a mean right hook to his thigh that sent him to the mat on multiple occasions.

And now, I'm paying for my competitive nature.  My right bicep and deltoid are SO sore that even today I'm still having problems getting dressed and writing on the board in my classroom among other simple tasks. 

And it didn't help that yesterday was the "hard" toning class at aerobics (thank you very much, Amber), and we did a lot of work with our upper arms like push-ups and in the plank position.

Ironically, as I sit (or stand, or walk, or work, etc...) in pain, I'm thinking we just might have to invest in a Wii because I could have some seriously impressive arms by summer. 
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  1. I've never played a Wii, but I think they look so fun!

  2. I have Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum, and Biggest Loser for our Wii...and all I have to say is..I can't hardly walk, sit or do any kind of movement when I get through with them! Who would have ever thought that a video game would make more than just your thumbs sore!

  3. We love our Wii and the kids come over here to play on it which is always a fun time. Just think of the investment as what you would pay for a gym membership but you get to exercise in the comfort of your own home. And it is great fun when you have company!

  4. I wish we had a Wii. I got voted out and XBox won. The only exercise we get is hub's thumbs, ha!!

  5. I found your blog through another blog...My husband and I have been ttc our first for 4 years; I know the pain and I wanted you to know that you are in my prayrs!

    Love, Hugs and Prayers-


  6. Stumbled upon your blog and love it and following along with you now!!

    Hope you'll stop by my place sometime for a visit!!

    Sweet Blessings!


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